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Are you planning to get a log cabin in autumn or winter? Well now is the best time to order it, because for a limited period you have a great opportunity to get any product at a 20% cheaper price than we will be able to offer in late winter. Secure your order with a deposit now and you can have your cabin delivered to you on any week in late winter or spring that you choose.
Due to rising manufacturing costs all our product prices will see an increase, so Don’t miss your chance to get the best deal now and save yourself some money.

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6 Steps To Ensure a Long Life for Your Log Cabin

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Why Log Cabin is an eco-friendly choice?

A log cabin is an environmentally friendly way to live in the lap of nature. Modern lifestyles have made it difficult to enjoy being a part of nature and live in harmony with our planet. The buzzing...

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Give your garden a pleasant new look by installing a log cabin

Do you feel that your life has become a series of routines: every day you see tall buildings and as soon as you step out of the house (various wooden houses) you are greeted by crowds, noise and busy...

Tried and Tested over Time. More than 20 years of log cabin manufacturing experience has provided us with priceless knowledge on how to create timber buildings which are not only practical but will also last for decades. Over this time we have found that Slow-Grow conifer timber is the best solution to achieve the mentioned purpose, despite its high price. Therefore, we manufacture our log cabins only using this type of timber, which we import both from Northern parts of Scandinavia and Siberia. And so owing to this you get great wooden buildings that will serve you for a very long time.

Special Windows and Doors.
We all know how important is to have a good quality windows and doors. Every time we canvass our customers after the installation of a cabin or wooden garage in order to find out if they are satisfied with their product, 96% of them emphasise that the quality of the windows and doors is one of the things they were most impressed with. This is because we pay particular attention to ensuring the windows and doors are accurate and fit nicely. Moreover, we employ finger-joint technology in the manufacturing process, which makes our windows and doors extremely resistant to moisture and more importantly it prolongs the door’s and window’s life. As a result, the doors and windows are up to 74% less likely to shrink or expand due to moisture changes. This means that the doors and windows will always open and close firmly no matter what the moisture level is and they will serve you as long as the building itself. To complete this full quality package we supply our windows and doors with heavy duty hinges (capable of withstanding up to 100,000 openings), secure door locks and handles along with pure 4mm glass (no cheap plastic).

Safe & Reliable. It is very important for us that you have a feeling of safety and calm in your garden building whatever the weather conditions are like outside. Therefore, all our garden buildings come with reinforced roof constructions: we use either massive roof joists (66mm x 130mm) or triple-gables. We also exclusively use only tongue and groove roof boards. All this makes the roof an integral firm and well-built structure. Thanks to this, the roof becomes resistant to heavy loads like snow, storms etc. As a result of all this, you can be sure the cabin will provide a proper shelter for you and will safely protect your property.

Exceptional Delivery. Most garden building retailers demand that you or somebody you know will need to assist during the offloading of the cabin from the truck by which the log cabin kit was delivered or they will charge you extra for offloading it. One way or another you will have in your driveway or yard a pile of parts covered with plastic rather than a solid flat-package. We don’t put up with such things because we pride ourselves on caring for your comfort. And this is why your cabin will be delivered by a crane-equipped vehicle. We unload the cabin-packages by ourselves (the packages remain in their packs): using a crane-fork the package will be placed in any part of your garden which is the most convenient for you. In this way we save your time, money, and the package your cabin comes in remains waterproof.

Buy on finance. Get your wooden cabin or garage now and pay for it later. We offer a number of financing options in order that you are able to choose the one that best suits you, meaning you can start enjoying your log cabin straight away. We collaborate with Omni Capital Partners Ltd and offer financing from 12 to 36 months. The minimum deposit required is just 20%, with a finance amount of up to £15,000. The online application form takes just a few minutes to fill out and a confirmation email is sent immediately. If you require any additional information, feel free to contact us.