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One of the key elements of wooden building construction that defines its sturdiness and longevity is the foundation. Whether you are building a compact garden shed, or a large residential building, setting up the proper base is essential if you want to prevent future structural issues and enjoy your new wooden building for many years to come. 

An uneven base makes it very difficult to install the interlocking construction so we recommend choosing the sturdiest option you can afford without compromising on the quality. The proper foundation ensures even distribution of the building’s weight, equal settlement of the building and prevents the subsoil from spreading. 

Before laying the foundation:

Evaluating the ground condition
Selected building location and ground condition must be assessed to make sure that the best type of foundation is chosen.

Double-checking the measurements
Before starting the construction, make sure that the foundation base measurements match the dimensions of the floor bearers to avoid costly mistakes afterwards. 

Selecting the foundation type
After evaluating the construction ground, and making sure that the measurements are correct, choose the optimal type of foundation based on the building's size, ground type, and available budget.

Types of foundation

There are several foundation options available for your wooden house or garden building, among which you may choose. This selection should be made based on the ground type, size of the building, materials used and other individual technical characteristics. Costs should not play a key role when selecting the foundation type as it is the critical structural element of the whole construction.

When ordering a building at, you can select among several different foundation options:

Concrete base foundation
This is the sturdiest base option for your wooden house or garden building, offering exceptional sturdiness and providing an even construction base. To ensure optimal stability, the concrete base depth should be at least 150 - 300 mm thick.


Concrete slabs 
A concrete slab foundation is also a cost-efficient wooden building base solution, especially when the construction ground is relatively even. If this is not the case, adjustable pedestals could be used to even out the surface before setting up the concrete slabs. 


Timber frame foundation 
This is the most cost-efficient option, featuring a timber frame placed underneath your wooden building. This foundation type might be suitable for more compact and also residential buildings. 


Mobile home foundation
A mobile home foundation features a specific, easily movable structure consisting of two separate parts that can be raised with a crane and brought to another location, if necessary. In terms of building regulations, a foundation pallet (provided by us) or timber frame foundation should be used when building mobile homes to make sure that the structure is easily movable.


Preparing the base for construction

After laying the concrete foundation, make sure that it is completely dry before starting the wooden building assembly. If you have already built the structure on a slightly damp foundation, make sure to ventilate the building thoroughly to prevent lingering moisture and mould.


If you would like to learn more about the wooden building foundation types and get friendly and professional advice regarding your individual case, we will be happy to help! Do not hesitate to contact us - call us today: 02070994301

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