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Foundation options.
The best foundation for your cabin, wooden garage or other building is a concrete base because it is the most stable and lasting, however it is the most expensive option as well. An alternative option is a timber-framed base; concrete slabs are also a good solution if the ground to be built on is even. However, if it’s not, adjustable pedestals can be used. This is a cost effective option but is recommended only for smaller cabins of up to 16 square metres.

Foundation base measurements.
The recommended size of the base is the same size as the external dimensions of the floor bearers. Regarding the depth of the base (i.e. concrete one), it depends on the size of the log cabin or garage but it should be at least between 100mm and 300mm.

Install the building on a dry base.
It is very important to construct the building on a properly dry base in order to avoid mould. However, if you have already done this, please keep your cabin or garage ventilated long enough for the base to become completely dry. Otherwise there is a great risk of mould.

It is also necessary to have a completely level base for your log cabin or wooden garage, because an uneven base will result in the deformation of the whole structure. If there is an uneven base, it becomes very complicated to install an interlocking (or any other) building properly, so we recommend that you do not economise in this area.