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Bespoke Garden Buildings

Bespoke log cabins and garages

Every year we make over a 350 various-sized, designed and constructed custom-made wooden buildings; starting from small individual gazebos to 2-storey huge multi-room buildings such as wooden restaurants or small hotels. Therefore, we can offer you the possibility to have your own special project if you haven’t managed to find something suitable in our standard range. Give freedom to your imagination and let us create for you a wonderful wooden garage, cosy log cabin or any other structure together!

Design your own log cabin or wooden garage

Even though we have a wide variety of standard products, we understand that many of you have your own design in mind. Sometimes the necessity of a bespoke log cabin or garage is determined by the size of the existing base left after a former building has been removed.

It’s also very often that a person has limited space in their garden but they want to explore it 100%. Or sometimes a person just wants a special project based on their own personal needs – it might only be a minor modification of the existing standard model or a totally custom-made structure. In all the mentioned circumstances we will be happy to create a bespoke wooden building precisely to the size and design you wish.

It’s a familiar situation that you have free space for a new timber garage or garden cabin and you want it to be really special but possibly lack ideas. Don’t worry – share your ideas with us and our experienced architects will create the most suitable projects from which you’ll be able to choose. And the best thing is that we create these project sketches totally free of charge.

Send us your desired cabin or garage details

 If you have decided that you need a made to order cabin or wooden garage, please provide us with the details. This could be a description or even better a drawing/sketch of the desired structure.

You can specify the wall thickness, number of rooms, overall height, design and number of the doors/windows, what kind of roof covering material you prefer or you could even add a rooflight.

Meanwhile we will make detailed drawings and scale plans (useful when applying for planning permission) of the project free of charge and will send these to you. In this way you will be able to easier imagine how such a project would look like in reality and decide whether it’s actually good for you or not.

Delivery time from when the order is placed

 Usually it takes from 5-8 weeks to make a custom-made log cabin or garage from when the order is placed. However, it also depends on the season; in winter and early spring we’re usually able to make and deliver custom-made cabins and garages within 4 weeks, while during late spring and summer it sometimes takes up to 10 weeks.

In any case please contact us to find out the delivery date in advance because you never know – sometimes even during the most busiest of times we are able to find a quick solution for your customised project.

How much does a custom-made building cost?

 Depending on its size and design bespoke or modified wooden garages or log cabins cost from 10% to 35% more in comparison with the standard structures which you can find in our range.

For example (to give you an idea of the price), if the price of a standard Oak 6m x 3m cabin is, let’s say, £2800, so a customised Oak cabin (e.g. one of the windows moved to left) would be around £3100. Or, if you want to have a totally bespoke cabin of the same size (6m x 3m) and thickness (44mm) as the mentioned Oak cabin, so the price would be around £3500. A different price policy is applied for bigger bespoke structures (60 square metres and above) such as our residential cabins. In any case, please contact us for detailed prices.

What does affect the price?

 Since the autumn of 2014 most of our cabin parts have been made using the latest modern machines controlled by computers. Each cabin model has its own software, which needs to be launched in order to have the parts made. In this way the manufacturing process is quite fast. However, when it comes to bespoke structures we make a number of calculations in order to ensure the stability and safety of the project.

Also, every time we need to make a custom cabin or garage, we create special manufacturing software, in order to manufacture such a project using the mentioned machines. Moreover, we always double check if all the custom project parts have been made correctly and in sufficient quantities.

The whole process takes much more time (up to 400% more) in comparison to making a standard cabin. This explains why customising or making bespoke cabins usually costs more than to make standard ones.

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