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Log Cabins With A Shed

Here at, we offer a versatile selection of log cabins with a shed, enabling you to efficiently use the entire cabin's space and have a dedicated enclosed area for secure storage. These classical design

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buildings might become the centre of your garden space, inviting you to spend more time outdoors, and keeping your backyard in order. Forget about various stuff lying around - there is convenient storage space for your lawnmower, bikes, tires, and more!

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The BENINGTON is made of 34 mm-thick slow grown spruce that provides natural insulation all year round. This cabin can be a cosy place to spend time doing the things you love, or it could serve as an elegant storage space for your belongings and tools.
  • Made of Slow-Grown conifer timber
  • Reinforced roof construction
  • 20mm Floor boards included

Special Price: £3,432.00

Regular Price: £3,751.00
Wooden cabin CLARA with an attached shed could nicely complement your garden setting and bring more order into your backyard. A 5 m² shed with a separate entrance will provide you with functional space for storing your tools, equipment and various bits and pieces. What is more, the main cabin’s space could become an excellent lounging room for relaxation cosily admiring your well-kept garden or serve any other purpose you desire.
  • Cosy and functional
  • 5 m² shed attached
  • Double-glazed windows and doors

Special Price: £6,435.00

Regular Price: £7,093.00
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A stylish wooden cabin ELLA, made of high-quality natural conifer timber, is a gorgeous classical style gem that wins the hearts of many customers. Sturdily and reliably built, this extraordinary structure will provide you with many years of functionality and comfort. One of the cabin’s main accents, providing aesthetic and functional benefits, is a compact shed with a separate entrance. What an excellent benefit to this stylish and beautiful cabin! 
  • Made of Slow-Grown conifer timber
  • Reinforced roof construction
  • Double-glazing

Special Price: £6,695.00

Regular Price: £7,818.00

Working from home and struggling to find a quiet corner?

GARDEN OFFICE is the answer!
Traditional style wooden cabin LEA is a spacious and multifunctional solution, providing you with lots of room for your favourite indoor activities. Whether you need a cosy lunch spot in your garden, an ergonomic remote workspace, or a spacious storage solution, this cabin could provide you with a mix of all these functions and more!
  • Spacious and multifunctional
  • 7 m² shed attached
  • Double-glazed windows and doors

Special Price: £6,109.00

Regular Price: £7,217.00

Working from home and struggling to find a quiet corner?

GARDEN OFFICE is the answer!

Our compact, budget-friendly and highly practical garden cabin KIM, featuring exclusive design, original shape, large front windows and entrance doors, could be a superb choice for those wishing to efficiently combine functionality and style. The cabin's internal layout is conveniently divided into two parts with separate entrances, allowing you to use the main space for relaxation and take advantage of a functional storage room close by. 

  • Bright interior
  • A storage room attached
  • Perfect for lounging and storage

Special Price: £4,330.00

Regular Price: £5,114.00
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Questions & Answers

  • Can I have a log cabin in my garden?

    It depends on the purpose, the model, the possible location of it, but overall – yes, of course! There’s plenty of models to choose from on, and you can find useful resources to help with obtaining a Planning Permission too. Having a log cabin comes with many benefits, so it’s definitely worth considering it as a new project and a worthwhile investment. 

  • Can I live in a log cabin permanently?

    In essence, you can definitely live in your log cabin as long as you obtain a Planning Permission and make sure to insulate the building. The first aspect is more of a technical one (consider checking out our Planning Permission page for more details), while the second aspect refers to a comfortable and cosy daily life. You can find all our insulation options on our Insulation page, but if you feel as though a consultation would be more helpful, feel free to give us a call at 02070994301

  • Do I need planning permission for a log cabin?

    That’s a good question, as acquiring one should be a priority when it comes to planning your new purchase. Some of our models have a “Planning friendly” tag, which means that Planning Permission will most likely not be required. As to the other log cabins, we’ve provided a list on our Planning Permission page that states the conditions that have to be met to start the construction Planning Permission-free. Besides, it’s always a good idea to consult with your Local Planning Authorities.

  • What's the best base for a log cabin?

    The recommended option for a solid log cabin base is usually the concrete foundation, which is the sturdiest one, guaranteeing structural integrity of the building. The timber frame base, concrete slabs and anchor screws are also very viable options. Whichever base you pick, it’s important to prepare for it accordingly – to do so and gather all the information to help make a cost-effective decision, visit our Foundation page.

  • How thick should log cabin walls be?

    The recommended thickness of the walls depends on whether you’re planning to use the cabin for short stays or live in it. A single skin (28 mm, 34 mm, 44 mm, 66 mm) thickness is appropriate for a log cabin that will be used occasionally, while insulated twin skin log cabins (34 mm + 34 mm or 44 mm + 44 mm) or single skin cladded ones (34 mm + 20 mm or 44 mm + 20 mm) should be great for longer or permanent stays. To see the visuals and find out the benefits of each construction, visit our Types of Building Construction page.

  • Are log cabins cold in the winter?

    The log cabin models without insulation can be cold, as the natural conifer timber can’t effectively retain the heat alone. However, if you select a log cabin with insulation (say, a twin skin model), you can expect more warmth in the cabin. Most importantly, the buildings made with SIPs technology have the best insulation properties – they are sturdy and airtight, which is great when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature. Of course, an electric heater is a great addition for extra cosiness. If you’d like more in-depth information, please visit our Insulation page.

  • How long does a log cabin kit delivery take?

    The delivery time depends on your chosen model and your location. Usually, it can take your log cabin kit from a few weeks to a month to arrive, however, if you’ve ordered a bespoke project or your whereabouts are hard to reach, you might have to wait longer. You can find the estimates and the cost on our Delivery page – go ahead and take a look!

  • How long does it take to assemble a log cabin kit?

    Well, if the model of your choice is one of the smaller ones (under 30 m2), it can be assembled in around 2 to 3 days. If you’ve chosen a bigger log cabin, the assembly can take up to a few months. Keep in mind that the process can be made more effective by choosing the Assembly Service – a team of trusted professionals ready to take the weight off your shoulders. To learn more about when to order the service and how to prepare for it, please consult our Assembly Service page.

  • What is the lifespan of a log cabin?

    Even though all our log cabins come with either a 5 or 10 year warranty, they will last a lot longer than that. You can expect your log cabin to remain in a good condition anywhere from 60 to 100 years if you maintain it as per our instructions. The page to consult here is the Product Maintenance page – here you will find all the ins and outs of ensuring the longevity of your log cabin by applying treatment, protecting the structure from mould, and more. Have a look!

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