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Fast delivery

Delivery to mainland England, Wales and France for the products in stock (those marked with a green label ‘Fast delivery’) takes 4-8 working days after an order has been placed. Delivery to mainland Scotland for the products in stock takes 8-15 working days. For all other products delivery to mainland UK and France takes 4-6 weeks. For custom-made products it takes 4-8 weeks to arrive. We will contact you to arrange a delivery date in advance. Delivery takes place on working days with the delivery time being arranged with you in advance. Please note that we offer kerbside delivery only, however our experienced drivers will offer as much assistance as physically possible using the Moffett forklift to offload the goods as closely to the requested location as possible. Kerbside delivery means that the items will need to be delivered to the nearest kerbside at the address specified. Our drivers will position their vehicle as close as possible to the delivery address and unload the goods into a spot on the kerbside that is safe and keeps the pallet, the driver and the vehicle secure. 

Free delivery to most of mainland UK and Europe

If you order delivery of our product to any EU country, there will be no additional taxes or import duties applied (except for the delivery fee in some countries). In addition to the UK, we operate in 4 EU countries; thus, we can deliver your product from the EU country so that no additional taxes/import duties are applied to your order. In this case, the payment has to be made by bank transfer to our group company’s in EU bank account (instead of our UK company’s Quick-Garden Ltd account).

Delivery costs to mainland England, Wales, and Scotland (in the majority of cases - please read “Delivery to Scotland" below) are already included in the price. We also have branches in Spain, Italy, France, and Germany, so delivery is also FREE to most European countries for all products over £3,000.00 (Please contact us).

Delivery to Scotland

An extra charge for deliveries to mainland Scotland applies only for the items which are priced under £3000. In such cases you will find these charges on each product page. For all items whose price is over £3000, delivery to mainland Scotland is free of charge. The reason for these extra delivery charges is related to the great distance our delivery agent will have to travel as our warehouse is based in Birmingham.

Worldwide delivery

We deliver our log cabins and garages worldwide so if you are based in any other area or country other than mainland UK or Europe, please contact us – we will quote you the delivery price.

Delivery to difficult to reach areas

An extra charge is applied for deliveries to difficult to reach areas. A difficult to reach area is one which our trucks are not able to access due to road or area size restrictions. In the UK, our products are delivered via trucks which are 2.5m wide, 10m long and 2.5m high. Plus the truck requires an extra metre either side to stabilise the vehicle during the offloading. If you have any doubts about whether your delivery area is difficult to reach or not, please contact us in advance.

Specialised unloading included (UK only)

We care about your comfort, therefore we deliver and unload all of our cabins with either trucks equipped with a moffett truck. As a result, you will receive your cabin sealed and placed at the location that is most convenient for you. Important: unlike other garden building retailers, we will definitely not ask for your help with the offloading of the cabin by hand, nor will we ask you to pay an extra charge for offloading.

Reliable haulage company

We cooperate with the logistics-warehousing company Jeavons Eurotir, who helps us to ensure that we deliver you your log cabin, wooden garage or timber carport in a very professional way. This means you will be contacted prior to delivery to agree a convenient delivery date, your purchase will be delivered on time and to as close to its offloading point as possible (not just a kerbside delivery), the product-package will be offloaded very carefully and the driver will be very conscientious and helpful.