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Bitumen Shingles

A roof covering you can trust
We offer 5 layer 3mm-thick bitumen roof shingles which come in dark red or green (black shingles are also available). These shingles are made from a fibreglass mat base and are covered with a special bitumen mixture from both sides to ensure the durability of the product. The bottom layer is made of cold-resistant self-adhesive bitumen mass. And thanks to the new technology ‘Shinglas’, the top layer of the shingles is covered with mineral granules that provide both reliable protection and a great look. Therefore, a log cabin or wooden garage roof covered with these shingles will be protected from the volatile UK weather and will also have a subtle look.

The shingles quality is guaranteed by the certified international ISO standard 9001:2008, plus our bitumen shingles meet the strict requirements of European standard EN544.

Once attached properly, the shingles will be totally waterproof for many years as these are made from material which is resistant to corrosion and rot. This feature allows the shingles to be used in the overwhelming majority of climate conditions.

For your safety
The enhanced technology bitumen mixture ensures our bitumen shingles are resistant to open flames and provides a much better thermal and noise insulation in comparison to most other roof coverings. Due to an absence of an electromagnetic circuit the shingles do not absorb any charges of electricity located in the atmosphere. Moreover, our shingles are made from an environmentally- friendly and safe raw material.

Easy to install
As the bitumen shingle material is very flexible it does not require any special tools to install and could be used on any style of roof. The shingles are self–adhesive, however we also recommend that they are fixed with nails. Please note that nails are not included.

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