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Garage Doors

Sturdy and well-made garage doors provide reliable protection and increased security for your vehicle. Over the years, we’ve noticed that this topic tends to gather our customers’ attention; thus, we have collected the most frequent questions and hope to answer them all for you in this chapter.

In general, there are two categories of wooden garages available at
• classical log construction
• timber frame construction (e.g., our STELA line). 

Classical log construction garage models come with high-quality, heavy-duty wooden doors, while modern timber frame construction models are paired with sectional Hormann garage doors (as an optional item).


Are the garage doors included in the price? 

When purchasing a classical style log construction wooden garage at, sleek and practical garage doors are included in the standard kit. In the case of timber frame wooden garages (STELA line), sectional Hörmann garage doors need to be purchased separately (as an additional item).

What does a standard garage door set include?

Our standard garage door set includes all the essential elements:
• Door panel & frames;
• Adjustable hinges;
• Secure high-quality lock with a key.

Could Hörmann garage doors, which are offered as an optional feature for timber frame garage kits, be used instead of regular wooden doors?

Have in mind that Hörmann garage doors, which are paired with our timber frame garages feature different measurements. They could technically be used in your classical wooden garage, but you will need to cut the opening accordingly when assembling the structure.

Could you make bespoke garage doors featuring different measurements?

We do not make or sell bespoke wooden garage doors; however, we could order them from the local manufacturer on your behalf, based on the individual measurements you provide (e.g., higher or wider ones).

Are the garage doors easy to assemble?

Due to their specific measurements, perfectly matching the wooden garage of your choice, the doors which are paired with your garage can be easily mounted on your selected structure.

Is a waterproof barrier under the doors included in the price?

We do not provide any additional waterproofing materials in our prefabricated wooden garage kits and advise you to purchase these items separately. 


Hopefully, we managed to answer your questions. If you would like to hear more about our wooden garage doors or have any other specific questions in mind, do not hesitate to contact our team - we will be glad to assist. Call us today: 02070994301


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