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  • Small wooden houses, big dreams: mesmerising ideas for your project

    Ah, the undeniable practicality of living in a small wooden house! To think that you could move into a space that’s tailored to your needs and has the look you were always fond of. Dive into this adventure by selecting an affordable option from, whether it’s a building with an open-plan concept or a small wooden house with dedicated spaces for your ideas. Let’s see – if this blog post makes your eyes light up with excitement, it’s go time. Small wooden houses: why they’re considered magic on a budget If you’ve ever wondered about the appeal of these structures, there are numerous ways to look at them. Firstly, rising mortgage rates and the higher cost of living contribute to many UK residents choosing to either downsize to a… (More)
  • Contemporary wooden houses: redefining modern living in the UK with sustainable prefabricated structures

    Modern designs and high-quality wooden materials go hand in hand with contemporary wooden homes, embodying the principles of eco-living and providing a healthy residential environment. Let’s dive into the world of these eco-friendly structures and define where traditional wooden construction and modern design meet.   Contemporary wooden houses: eco-living as a future solution Sustainable choices are a clear direction when choosing the construction material and method for your primary residence or additional building. Without any doubt, modern-style wooden houses are far more eco-friendly than concrete or steel structures, which also have a significant negative environmental impact. While some might worry that wooden constructions can be outdated style-wise, we want to ens… (More)
  • The project of a lifetime: Patrick’s wooden prefab in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

    Behold – the custom-made RIVIERA model that’s now part of the landscape of the beautiful Westerwald region in Germany, resting on the right bank of the river Rhine. Patrick, wife and son have lived in rented establishments for years until they had the idea of building a small wooden house, which is what led them to However, the process didn’t stop with RIVIERA! Let’s see how this project came to life and inspired the family to start their garden building collection. Searching for a model that can fit the desired lifestyle As mentioned above, while living in rented apartments worked well for the owners until this point, they figured there was a sounder choice. Thus, Patrick and his family started looking for a compact one-storey house that th… (More)
  • The Gerlach family and their wooden garage project in Oppach, Germany

    When the old metal garage had served its purpose after 30 years, the Gerlach family decided it was time to take on a new project. The owners only required a single-vehicle storage space as the two daughters had already left the house, and the family remained with only one car at their disposal. When it came to the requirements for their new garage building, there were quite a few. Since the family already had two wooden buildings in their garden (a tool shed and a sauna), they decided to go for a wooden garage, and our product range was perfect for that.  The 6x6 meters foundation available that remained after removing the old metal garage provided quite a freedom for the selection of the new structure space-wise. Other important aspects of the new garage were its visually eye-ca… (More)
  • Relocating to a custom wooden prefab with a pergola in Tarragona (Spain)

    Picking the right home to move into may be quite a challenge, yet in this instance, everything went without a hitch. Here we have NICOLE, which deemed to be a wonderful blueprint for a family of three and their two dogs. The story begins under the Spanish sun – as the owner Yolanda recounts, the idea was to find a house that was compact enough yet fully functional and practical. The family was also keen on a minimalistic, elegant design. Fortunately, the final decision was unanimous, and here we have it – an insulated 78 m2 residence filled with all the love and style one can hope for. What made stand out? Yolanda and her family knew what their needs were regarding size and aesthetics, and they had the budget set, so the new home search could be narrowed… (More)
  • Lothar & Doris and their dream residence for smaller-scale living in Frielendorf region, Germany

    After the kids grew up, our client Lothar and his wife Doris started thinking about selling the large family house and moving into a more compact living space. The family explored various options until they found the classical wooden house RIVIERA to transfer their entire life into. A matching wooden garage 4x6 m was selected to fulfil their vehicle storage needs and become a practical workshop space. Finding the right land for building the house took some years; however, it was all worth it, as this journey led our customers to a large, beautiful garden full of old fruit trees. Our customer Lothar has shared that the key elements that the family was looking for were the size of the house and its aesthetic appearance, as well as the flexibility of the supplier to respond to customer r… (More)
  • Dave and Ginie’s sturdy DIY workshop in the suburbs of London

    The family wanted something a little more than a storage unit – a building that could help them enjoy their garden space, which is a luxury worth investing in. Knowing the climate of Watford, England, a hideaway from the humidity made perfect sense. The chosen model was our garden log cabin with a flat roof DREUX, which is a practical and multifunctional structure featuring an open-plan layout. Let’s see how the family of six – Dave, Ginie, two teenagers and two cats – made their wish come true! The road that led to What the couple envisioned was a workshop with room for storing bicycles. Firstly, they contacted some local builders to clean up the space and get it ready for the future project. One of the builders suggested installing a wooden… (More)
  • A residential cabin and a couple of camping pods for a family business in Saint-Eulien, France

    The pleasure of discovering an increasingly attractive region and new work from home possibilities were what inspired the family of five to sell their property and acquire a plot of land for their next adventure. “Les Chalets du Parc“ opened in April 2023 after four months of preparation, including getting the residential log cabin AGATA and a couple of campings pods BRETA, assembled and decorated. Scroll down to see the pictures featuring the design choices that the owner Laura refers to be in perfect harmony with the atmosphere. Each model has parking spaces for the travelers, and there’s also a shared garden to feel the spirit of the countryside. The discovery of Laura’s goal was to create a guest house project, for which she looked at ac… (More)
  • An insulated garden cabin as an extraordinary bamboo spa in Anduze, France

    A more unique take that also makes a lot of sense – that’s how we’d describe Aurélie’s idea of creating a spa amongst a sea of breathtaking greenery. Let us introduce the wellness center "L'Essence Bambou", created by using our insulated 12 m² garden cabin POOLHOUSE. This compact and light structure helped Aurélie execute her idea perfectly, and now she enjoys the great customer reviews she receives consistently. While you revel in the beauty of the following pictures, maybe you’ll get some ideas of how our models can be incorporated into different environments – not just gardens or backyards! Looking for the right fit Upon getting to know how "L'Essence Bambou" came about, Aurélie revealed that… (More)
  • A welcoming family vacation oasis in the city of Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Germany)

    You can truly feel when people put their heart into something – this special project featuring our wooden house AGATA was no exception. Our customer Janine and her family with 3 children, including the dog Rosie and the cat Tiger, were looking for a cosy summer house that would fit a roomy kitchen area and be spacious enough to enjoy frequent social evenings. Our small wooden house AGATA, with a functional loft area, appeared to be the model they’d been looking for. After evaluating several supplier options online, the family decided to choose to implement their dream summer house project. “ has become our go-to choice, as it featured a superb price/performance ratio, and we liked the design of the houses offered. Once we contact… (More)
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