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Contemporary wooden houses: redefining modern living in the UK with sustainable prefabricated structures

Modern designs and high-quality wooden materials go hand in hand with contemporary wooden homes, embodying the principles of eco-living and providing a healthy residential environment. Let’s dive into the world of these eco-friendly structures and define where traditional wooden construction and modern design meet.


Contemporary wooden houses: eco-living as a future solution

Sustainable choices are a clear direction when choosing the construction material and method for your primary residence or additional building. Without any doubt, modern-style wooden houses are far more eco-friendly than concrete or steel structures, which also have a significant negative environmental impact.

While some might worry that wooden constructions can be outdated style-wise, we want to ensure that timber is a multifunctional material that has lots to offer to contemporary style admirers as well. Our solid assortment of contemporary wooden houses will not disappoint: vertical wooden cladding paired with large, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors make these buildings true attention grabbers, admired by many.


The characteristics of a contemporary wooden house

What would define a contemporary wooden house? The contemporary wooden house is an outstanding combination of traditional construction material – wood – and modern aesthetic solutions. Contributing to lower environmental impact than regular buildings, contemporary wood homes offer a healthy indoor environment and are highly appreciated by those who care deeply about nature and want to preserve it unchanged. Responsibly sourced conifer timber makes one of the most environmentally conscious construction materials available – sustainability and versatility are what make this construction method highly popular to this day.

Contemporary construction is based on the minimalistic design approach and neat architectural lines. One of the most unforgettable characteristics of contemporary wooden houses is their enormous windows, creating cosiness and a constant flow of natural light inside. Another feature of these gorgeous structures is the vertical exterior cladding that beautifully blends into the overall design. In general, these beautiful structures are easy to fall in love with and get a newly risen appreciation for the wooden construction. presents: the modern wooden houses of your dreams

When it comes to our assortment, we made two clear design directions – classical and modern – and dived fully in. Our innovative style wooden houses are anything but boring – while all featuring the same architectural direction, also unique in their own way. Some have flat (almost!) roofs, some traditional apex ones, while others sport quirky single-sloped ones. Different shapes, sizes and forms – for everyone’s taste and preferences.

Combining traditional architectural construction and contemporary aesthetics is possible with our charming models ANGELA or SELENE or NICOLE. These structures feature traditional log cabin shapes and apex roofs yet feature all the aesthetic qualities of a contemporary wooden house!

Discover how our product NICOLE turned to life as a cosy family home in Tarragona, Spain.


What’s life in a contemporary wooden house?

Once you step into a wooden house, the first thing to experience is the unforgettable conifer timber smell. This natural scent lingers in the house long after the structure is built and provides cosy and healthy surroundings to live in, especially compared to concrete constructions. This naturally leads one to maintain a stronger bond with nature – even though living in modern times and surroundings, you can still feel the connection to nature due to this exceptional, time-tested construction material – wood. Embrace the natural aesthetics and feel the undeniable charm these sustainable homes provide.

Images: The interior of the NICOLE – a cosy family home in Tarragona, Spain

KAYA range: contemporary houses that are difficult to resist

Our KAYA range deserves a separate mention. Numbered in 1, 2 and 3 - depending on the size of your choice (48 m², 64 m² or 70 m²), these gorgeous structures emanate contemporary style throughout their essence. Upgrade your selected KAYA model with a cosy outdoor terrace and never look back – it’s a feature to enhance your residential experience to unbelievable heights. Choosing a reliably thermally insulated model will guarantee one’s utmost residential comfort – this also is a feature worth upgrading with if one wishes to feel warm and cosy in their newly built structure through any season of the year.


The code of sustainable homes

The theme of sustainability and energy conservation has been widely acknowledged in personal and professional circles for the last several decades. In 2007, the UK government launched The Code for Sustainable Homes as a voluntary national initiative defining the sustainability measures in the new building industry. It incorporates a list of features that must be taken into account when defining the energy efficiency and sustainability of the structure. These principles include the construction materials of the building, quality of windows and doors, type of insulation, etc. The calculation of these aspects results in the total energy efficiency class evaluation of the house.

Wooden constructions as such, especially those featuring SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels), are acknowledged as especially efficient. First, due to the fact that wood has natural insulation properties, then due to the specific layered construction, ensuring that the utmost insulation of the building is guaranteed.

Our products are valued for their aesthetic features and energy efficiency and provide a superb living or leisure environment all year round. Discover the stylish models, impressing with their minimal look and unforgettable design.


Insulated contemporary wooden buildings for year-round use

When selecting a base for permanent living, thermal insulation plays a key role. The innovative style wooden houses you will find on feature either basic or residential-grade thermal insulation or can be built without insulation. This factor affects the price of the house, yet is crucial for your residential comfort. To feel warm and cosy throughout the year, thermal insulation - whichever type you choose - is a must. However, an advanced level of insulation will guarantee the utmost thermal comfort and will be the best choice for a primary residence.

Speaking of insulation, our customers, a family from Saint-Eulien, France, have created a beautiful residential oasis in one of our insulated contemporary wooden homes AGATA.


Why should you invest in a contemporary wooden house?

These houses are highly affordable purchases, providing superb value per investment. These structures are sturdy enough to withstand decades – if properly taken care of – and provide superb residential comfort for families worldwide. To learn more about contemporary wooden house maintenance, visit our product maintenance page.

What is more, compared to regular construction, contemporary wooden houses are much cheaper, yet the comfort and cosiness of living in such a structure are undeniable.

If you are looking for a primary residence or an additional building that could serve as a vacation house for your family, contemporary wood homes are an excellent choice. These solid constructions offer everything that is required for comfortable family living.


Contemporary wood homes: luxurious aesthetics and timeless materials

To sum up, contemporary wooden houses bring out the best of both worlds: eye-catching minimalistic design and a timeless wooden build. The slow-grown conifer timber, in combination with the solid wooden construction, guarantees numerous cosy years in your selected structure. Inhaling the fresh conifer timber smell while lounging in a spacious modern structure provides undeniable freshness and excitement to one’s surroundings.

Instead of covering the natural beauty of the wood, sustaining its patterns and texture is what makes the structure extraordinary. The synergy between modern design and a natural wooden look is something truly sought after – discover the beautiful designs and call one your home.

Got inspired by the idea of contemporary wooden houses? We are eager to make your vision a reality. Do not hesitate to contact us by calling at 02070994301.


Contemporary wooden houses: redefining modern living in the UK with sustainable prefabricated structures

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