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Relocating to a custom wooden prefab with a pergola in Tarragona (Spain)

Picking the right home to move into may be quite a challenge, yet in this instance, everything went without a hitch. Here we have NICOLE, which deemed to be a wonderful blueprint for a family of three and their two dogs. The story begins under the Spanish sun – as the owner Yolanda recounts, the idea was to find a house that was compact enough yet fully functional and practical. The family was also keen on a minimalistic, elegant design. Fortunately, the final decision was unanimous, and here we have it – an insulated 78 m2 residence filled with all the love and style one can hope for.

What made stand out?

Yolanda and her family knew what their needs were regarding size and aesthetics, and they had the budget set, so the new home search could be narrowed down to a couple of comparable options. However, none of them could meet the requirements quite like the NICOLE model – this wooden prefab was nearly a perfect match.

Nevertheless, another important factor was the help and advice the family received from our team.

 “The customer service was always very good, so it was what made us decide to go with” - Yolanda

Changing the layout to create more open spaces 

As previously mentioned, NICOLE underwent some modifications that made it the home Yolanda and her family were searching for. Firstly, an even larger open-kitchen was created by removing a wall and integrating the third bedroom into the living room. According to the modified floor plan, the common area now takes up 33 m2, and there are still 2 bedrooms to spare. So, while originally this model is ideal for larger families, there’s also plenty of room for changes and upgrades. 
Another change was the metal profiles that were added to the roof as a finish and a pergola that was built from the remainders of the slow-grown conifer timber used for the construction. Now the additional outside area serves as a beloved hangout spot.

Assembling NICOLE with the help of a professional team

As all our models can be assembled with your own hands, Yolanda’s family was no exception. However, since the roof had additional parts and a more convoluted structure, they chose professional services to install it. 
The owners recall that initially they found the DIY installation process to be pretty straightforward – the only trickier part was placing the windows and the cladding. In general, the larger or more convoluted the structure, the more time it takes, and this was no exception to the rule. 

The undeniable value of the new home

Nowadays, what surprises the family most is the quality of the insulation. 

“We orient the house to take advantage of the winter sun and on cold days it is hardly necessary to use heating.” - Yolanda

Opening the windows also helps to quickly cool off and stay comfortable inside the wooden prefab. Enjoying the Mediterranean climate may come with its own set of challenges, yet the design of the new model is very accommodating. 
If you’re keen to own a bespoke or a standard model from our assortment, do not hesitate to contact our helpful team at 02031 315 025!

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