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Luxurious weekends in Santa Lucia made possible: creating a quirky country-style wooden getaway

Meet Andrea, Alina, and Gabriele – the family that spends their free time in a home discovered at While they’re creating memories in the new residence, the location itself provides a lot of sentimental value, as it was inherited from Andrea’s father. The DONNA log cabin is built on land in Santa Lucia (just outside of Rome) that Andrea used to play on as a child, even though the family didn’t have a place to stay there overnight. However, life has changed – and we’re proud to have been a part of such a positive experience.

The inspiration behind the project

The idea came from a trip abroad – specifically, Andrea’s and Alina’s trip to the United States in 2017. The couple saw many wooden houses that left a big impression on them due to the simple and versatile look, plus the relatively low cost. Regarding the material itself, Andrea added that wood provided a sense of eco-friendliness and relaxation, especially when considering spending time in such a structure in the winter.

Comparing the offers

Thus, a dream was born, and the family set out on a quest to create their own wooden lodging. They looked at many different websites that offered wooden houses, yet none could provide the desired country look. What they found were classic wooden structures with small windows that feature mountain style exteriors. Fortunately, browsing the internet came to a satisfying conclusion, as the couple found – and images of the style they were looking for.

How DONNA became Andrea’s family’s first choice

The criteria came down to the log cabin being budget-friendly, featuring a single storey, and spaces that were bright enough for the family’s liking, as,

“We liked the idea of having many windows, something we hadn't seen in other companies.” – Andrea

What is more, there was a fondness for the idea of a second entrance since DONNA features 2: an entrance from the patio alongside the double doors from the side of the building. Andrea recalls that this type of layout also reminded the couple of the country style that they had a chance to see in the States. That’s when the owners got in touch with our sales manager.

“We spoke with Indre, a very skilled person, who gave us all the information needed to help us realise our dream.” – Andrea

Making the sought-after aesthetic a reality

Once DONNA was built, it was time to make it even lovelier. The final look was achieved by sticking to warm tones, hanging up lots of curtains and little lights for the ambience, and adding similar details. The kitchen is a good example, as the family blended modern appliances with a rustic look by choosing wooden countertops. When it came to the exterior, Andrea ordered a few extras, namely black shingles, plus brown paint and treatment, which is highly recommended for all wooden structures. In the end, the building was assembled by our offered professional assembly service.

Time to kick back and relax!

The purpose of this project was to have a cosy log cabin home that was always available during the weekends as an escape from the busy lifestyle of living in Rome. Thankfully, that’s exactly what the family is now proud of!

“We are satisfied; every day we add something extra [to our log cabin], and we are very happy to have purchased it from you. Our dream just came true.” – Andrea

We were delighted to hear Andrea’s, Alina’s, and Gabriele’s feedback! If you’re feeling inspired as well, give us a call at 02070994301 , and we’ll help you create your own getaway!


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