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Information for owners of mobile homes

  • Customer John's residential cabin

    The golden goal is pleasing your client, but to get a client that is ecstatic with the product is fabulous. Cabins can make a huge different to people’s spaces and the way this allows them to enjoy their life, but choosing the right one is essential. James came to us with a few ideas about what he wanted from his cabin; he wanted to use it year-round and have two storeys. These were concerning him as he wasn’t sure that a wooden building could be used other than for a few months in the summer and he was worried about planning permission. These fears almost put him off completely. However, we were able to put his fears to rest pretty quickly. As with many of our two storey cabins, they comply with all required building regulations already. This meant that James could have a great choice an… (More)
  • Beautifully and Comfortably designed Mobile Homes

    Please meet a very flexible category amongst all of our products. This is not just a beautiful and comfortable design but a special construction which meets all the requirements of the Caravan Act. A lot of time can be wasted preparing all the required documents for planning permission and waiting for it can take from 1 to 6 months. So could a Mobile Home be a better option for you to make life easier? There are two cases when a Mobile Home construction does not require planning permission: You require extra space in your garden next to your main house; please be aware that in the same case a brick Granny Annex would need planning permission. You would like to replace the old (not less than 10 years old) Mobile Home outside your garden with a new one. This would require a certificat… (More)
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