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The project of a lifetime: Patrick’s wooden prefab in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Behold – the custom-made RIVIERA model that’s now part of the landscape of the beautiful Westerwald region in Germany, resting on the right bank of the river Rhine. Patrick, wife and son have lived in rented establishments for years until they had the idea of building a small wooden house, which is what led them to However, the process didn’t stop with RIVIERA! Let’s see how this project came to life and inspired the family to start their garden building collection.

Searching for a model that can fit the desired lifestyle

As mentioned above, while living in rented apartments worked well for the owners until this point, they figured there was a sounder choice. Thus, Patrick and his family started looking for a compact one-storey house that they could fully pay off until retirement and then continue living in it in comfort afterwards. Moreover, further plans ensued, including a garden shed that could serve as a basement, and then a carport. 

Further needs leading the owners to discover RIVIERA

While affordability was one of the top criteria for the new home, another crucial box to tick was authenticity in that it was supposed to be a true wooden house rather than a wooden frame structure with boards screwed on both sides of the walls. Many providers offer this kind of solution, but you won’t find it at 

In the end, Patrick’s family chose RIVIERA, since this wooden house had the desired rustic look and a large terrace. Now the 21 m2 outdoor area is furnished and has a few lounge chairs, a table, a hammock, a barbecue grill, and other knick-knacks.

Making the house adhere to the family’s wishes

What you see here is a bespoke model, which in this case indicates that some modifications to the floor plan were made before the house was built (there’s also an option to collaborate with our team of architects and create a new design from scratch). 

The interior of this model was changed by mirroring the floor plan, which means the layout was made symmetrical. A small wall was also added along with a second front door, and the structure was also widened by 50 cm. All of these changes were not difficult to make, and made the family even happier with their choice. 

Finally, Patrick picked some accessories for the house, including adding the floor boards and triple-glazed wooden windows.

When assembly feels like a game of LEGO

Patrick says he built the model with the help of a good number of friends. According to him, all the beams were clearly labelled and the instructions were easy to understand, which felt like playing LEGO. The owner says the only part that seemed a tad more difficult involved the windows, but the team figured it out. 

His advice to others thinking about assembling the model themselves is to choose a dry weather period, as otherwise the construction might take a lot longer – in this case, they had to stop and wait for over a week.

Evaluating the experience with

Since the journey of acquiring, modifying and building RIVIERA went so well, the family had some kind words to say.

“This is what we ALWAYS say to those viewing our house and who are interested in we would build with again, we would choose the Riviera house again and we would build the house ourselves again. And we feel right at home.” – Patrick

More to come?

In testament to their words, the family also acquired our garden house LILLE and a carport, and they also made an order for the garden house MODERN. Take a look! If you’d like to have anything similar built, reach out to us at 02031 315 025, and we’ll get your project started right away!

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