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Small wooden houses, big dreams: mesmerising ideas for your project

Ah, the undeniable practicality of living in a small wooden house! To think that you could move into a space that’s tailored to your needs and has the look you were always fond of. Dive into this adventure by selecting an affordable option from, whether it’s a building with an open-plan concept or a small wooden house with dedicated spaces for your ideas. Let’s see – if this blog post makes your eyes light up with excitement, it’s go time.

Small wooden houses: why they’re considered magic on a budget

If you’ve ever wondered about the appeal of these structures, there are numerous ways to look at them. Firstly, rising mortgage rates and the higher cost of living contribute to many UK residents choosing to either downsize to a small wooden house or choose it as a way to enter the real estate market as first-time buyers. The ongoing housing crisis also contributes to more compact and affordable properties being swept up faster. Finally, the structures in this assortment are made from slow-grown conifer timber, which is better for the planet, as wood is sustainable, sturdy, and affordable.

Choosing the right small wooden house for you

Once you start narrowing down your options, certain criteria might help come to the right model faster. Here are a few questions that may help:

• How many people will reside in the new home, and what will the space be used for?

• How often will the building be used in the colder months?

• Where will the small wooden house be located – next to other residences or in a more remote location?
These questions will help you land on the right size, insulation, and base type (timber frame or concrete base foundation) for the new residence or business. At, you’ll find a wide variety of 30 - 80 m² models for a living arrangement downsize, a vacation spot, a new or growing business, and so on.

Downsizing to 60 - 80 m² vibrant wooden housing

While choosing a smaller and cosier house can save a lot of costs, so can planning permission friendly models. Usually, prior to building your new structure, you need to acquire planning permission from the local authorities, which may prolong the process. However, if the small wooden house is built on a mobile platform, it will most likely not need this step, including the documentation and additional costs.

Check out SELENE M and NICOLE M – planning permission friendly projects that are 63 and 68 m², respectively. These 2 to 3 bedroom models come with optional terraces (an extra feature), and sport flawless aesthetics. Sleek cladding, tall windows, and symmetrical shapes all make these structures a feast for the eyes. If you’re looking for a smaller option, give ADALINE a chance – it offers 2 bedrooms, and the 24 m² terrace is included in the price. The double-pitched roof is also a lot more pronounced!

We all deserve some peace and quiet: small wooden home retreats

Another smart way to utilise your new property would be to use it as a getaway from the noise and clutter of everyday life and your environment. It’s not that often that we offer 3 versions of a certain model, but KAYA stole the hearts of our customers. Whether a secondary residence or a vacation spot, KAYA 1, KAYA 2, and KAYA 3 have the space that most families need to enjoy each other’s company in comfort and style. This line features polished cladding, a cosy facade with an optional terrace, and a flat roof that completes the modern aesthetic. Take a look!

Small wooden homes as comfortable family quarters

Taking care of the senior members of your family can become a lot easier with an easily accessible annexe. Furthermore, it can also serve as a residential space extension for your children. Take a look at the DIANA and the PREMIUM lines, as both are suitable options for these purposes due to their easily accessible rooms and thoughtful layouts. The DIANA structures are 26 m², and they can be moved to different locations due to being constructed on mobile platforms. They’re planning permission friendly, and you can also choose between modern and classic styles. On the other hand, PREMIUM comes in many sizes. The 30 m² structures are recommended, as you’ll find compact one bedroom layouts with space for all the needed amenities.

Start your rental business with a breeze

Standing out from the crowd can be crucial when it comes to attracting new customers to your camping or glamping resort. Fortunately, prefabricated small wooden houses can be easily customised, plus faster and more affordable to acquire. When it comes to our assortment, we have ISLA, ANGERS, and ARGO M models, to name a few. Starting from 25 m² and up, these structures can be furbished, refurbished, insulated, and modified to fulfil your vision. Here’s a picture below of how this family did it in Doncaster for their business


Completely unique compact wooden homes based on your interests

While the suggested models are good standard options, if you’d like a custom design, our architect team is here to help. For example, you could add a few pillars for a distinct look, a few steps for more comfortable access, and so on. Don’t be afraid to mention all the ideas you have – our team will evaluate them and come back to you with a new floor plan asap. This is a great opportunity to go for the small wooden home you’ve always wanted!

If you’d like to get your own project started, our seasoned professionals are just a call away – dial 02070994301, and your small wooden home will stay a dream for not much longer!

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