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Dean, Karen & their alpacas: a log cabin home story from Tickhill, Doncaster

Meet Dean and Karen Pratt – the owners of an alpaca farm in Tickhill, who decided to fulfil their dream of living in a log cabin on their farm. The couple moved from a four bedroom house to one of our prefabricated log cabin homes. Let’s see how this big change turned into a big success!

Farm life can be demanding and require lots of dedication, as Dean and Karen take care of their two children, thirty alpacas, two dogs, two cats, three chickens, and a horse! Their business (Tickhill Alpacas) also offers alpaca walking and glamping, plus they also work in partnership with Doncaster council by providing services for vulnerable children and adults. That’s a lot to take on! Fortunately, picking log cabin NICOLE and tailoring the model to the couple’s needs just completed the last piece of the family’s puzzle.

When Dean and Karen were browsing, what stood out to them was the great floor plan of their chosen residential log cabin – and the owners came up with a few brilliant ideas of how to take advantage of the offered flexibility. But more about that below!

How the 1968 Caravan Act influenced the couple’s decision

There’s no secret that some of the residential log cabins on meet the requirements of the 1968 Caravan Act. This is because these models are constructed the same way as mobile homes, making them exempt from Planning Permission. Not having to apply for one saves valuable time and money, which seemed like a splendid upside to the featured couple. They said coming under the aforementioned Caravan Act was one of the main reasons for choosing log cabin NICOLE. The process became simpler, and it was a complete win-win situation, as the model was definitely spacious enough, and it didn’t come with an additional cost of extra paperwork.

The best way to view our full range of mobile log cabins and houses that require much less hassle with getting Planning Permission is to visit our granny annexe product category. Please keep in mind that we recommend checking in with your Local Planning Authorities just in case something comes up.

How Dean and Karen made the model cater to their needs

The residential log cabin NICOLE was a great starting point for the family, as it was a budget-friendly option, which allowed their creativity to shine through in numerous ways. For example, the kitchen and the bathroom could be created in a style and layout that was most convenient for the couple – now the kitchen has an aisle and the bathroom has extra decor elements, such as the grey wall panelling beneath the natural wood above the bath. 

Furthermore, NICOLE’s spaciousness is accentuated by its high ceilings, the view over the farm through the front doors, and the large deck outside that was built separately to create even more lounging space for the warm summer days. Dean and Karen appreciated the modern look of the model, but the biggest joy of all was adding their own touch to the project. 

"We would definitely buy again and Dean's brother has already purchased a log cabin based on our recommendations, and some friends are also about to purchase a Selena model. We are very happy!" – Dean and Karen Pratt


A real treat – an exciting and time-saving assembly process

Building a 78 m² residential log cabin with beautiful vertical cladding is no joke, and that’s why the owners chose to order the assembly service. Now that the model is built, the feedback has been very positive, as everything went according to plan. It comes as no surprise, as the team of trusted professionals has a lot of experience and knows how best to construct all of our models, whether it’s a residential log cabin with vertical cladding like NICOLE or a model made with SIPs technology.

Let these pictures serve as inspiration for your new home. Maybe you’d like to add a porch for extra cosiness? A few more windows? Well, when you’re ready to start creating your own unique project, give us a call at 02070994301 and we’ll give you a helping hand! 



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