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Warranty period

• 10 year anti-rot warranty to all items except products with:
- floor area up to 20 m² (5 years)
- wall thickness less than 44 mm (5 years)

• 2 year warranty for windows, doors and all accessories unless stated longer by the manufacturer.

• 1 year warranty for all electrical accessories.

Warranty conditions

Our warranty will not be applied if:
• The base that was used for assembly was not appropriate – all buildings have to be assembled on a solid and level base that adheres to the precise measurements unique to each cabin.
• The customer or a third-party assembly service did not construct the product according to the assembly instructions that were provided with the purchase. 
• Since the delivery, the product has been modified or altered in the slightest. 
• An approved cut-end treatment has not been applied to any wood right after it has been tampered with (cut, pierced or drilled).
• The product has not been coated after the assembly (both the inside and the outside) and has not been coated once every year (inside and outside) afterwards with an oil-based preserver or paint, with a coverage of 80-120 microns.
• After the assembly was finished, the building has ever been in close contact with any plants, trees or exterior walls. In this instance, moisture can get into the timber and damage it. 
• The product was not bought by the claimant to begin with.
• The roofing felt or covering has been impaired or improperly fitted, giving a way for moisture to enter and accumulate.
• The product was not assembled within 2 months of the delivery date.
• The product was not stored in a dry place until assembly.
• The hinges have not been adjusted when the doors or windows expanded/contracted due to natural features of the wood.
• The product has been poorly ventilated – humidity levels indoors cannot exceed 50%.
• There’s a force majeure (for example, a flood, a storm or a fire).

Please be aware that timber is a natural product and is likely to experience changes, including some movement, warping, cracking and splitting, especially under severe weather conditions. However, this will not damage the solidity of the product, thus this natural occurrence is not covered by the warranty.


If you have any questions about the warranty we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at 02070994301 (Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm) or via email at [email protected]

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