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Assembly Service

We have a wide range of products, starting from small garden cabins, and ending with residential log houses. Even though these models are easy to construct yourself, you might want to give a thought to adding a little extra – the assembly service. This will come in handy when the building is larger and more complex or when you feel like DIY might not be how you want to spend your free time. 

We offer these additional product features: 
• a site visit to evaluate the construction site and help you choose a model
• concrete base / timber frame base
• assembly service
• plumbing
• electricity
• treatment

When can I order the assembly service?

• Feel free to order it from our sales manager along with the purchase of your item, while you’re waiting for your delivery to arrive, or after you have received it. 

How is the price calculated?

• The price depends on the model: some models are more complex than others, require more parts or more wood to construct. You can find the assembly cost of your chosen model in the product page.

Who is going to provide the service?

• The professionals providing the service are our partners that we’ve been working with for years. They have earned our trust and we wholeheartedly recommend their services. Moreover, the assembly service has a 1 year warranty.

How long does the assembly take?

• Installation usually takes 1-3 days for small to medium-sized structures (up to 25 m²), and up to a few months for larger structures. Each case is different, and the assembly time may vary depending on such factors as the complexity of the building, the chosen accessories, and more.

Will the company providing the service contact me?

• After you have placed the order, the builders will get in touch with you on the delivery day or some time before or after delivery. The assembly team usually arrives 1 to 5 working days after the item has been delivered – this also depends on the season. 

How can I prepare for the assembly?

• You should pick a day when you can be present 
• Clear the entrance to the construction site
• Make sure that the foundation is laid before the team can start the assembly 
• Make sure there is access to water, electricity, and bathroom facilities
• A model above 4 m requires a scaffold, and one might also be required in accordance with the local regulations 
• The materials cannot be placed more than 15 m away from the foundation of the building
• An important thing to note is that the service is not authorised to take out the litter when the assembly is finished – this will be your responsibility


If you have any further questions, please contact us at 02070994301 or [email protected]


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