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Timber Frame Garages

Parking your car in a well-lit and stylish garage is a joy – and the ones you can see in this assortment will not take up all your free space either. Our timber frame garage models are stunning, practical easy fixes that will guarantee a fast and convenient parking experience.

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Once your car is in its spot, the garage can start serving its other purposes, such as providing space for your gardening tools, sharpening up the look of your residency, and, of course, keeping your car safe and accessible at all times. Choose one of our timber frame garages and see for yourself!

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One of the latest garage models from our collection - a charming wooden garage STELA - features a minimalistic design with contemporary external cladding and a flat roof. If you have been looking for a slick and stylish vehicle protection solution, take a closer look at this model – it has lots to offer!
  • Sturdy timber frame construction
  • Anthracite colour PVC windows
  • Stylish exterior cladding

Special Price: £9,890.00

Regular Price: £12,223.00
Thinking about a bespoke project? We can help!

Provide us with details about it. We'll be happy to help!

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Thinking about a bespoke project? We can help!

Provide us with details about it. We'll be happy to help!

Write Us A Message

Questions & Answers

  • Can I use a garden garage as a garden room?

    Of course – a garden garage can be also used for storage, family gatherings, and as a workshop. Do as you please! And if you have any questions about the garden garage’s qualities or customization, feel free to contact us by dialling 02070994301.

  • Do I need planning permission to build a wooden garage?

    There are a few factors that determine whether a new building needs Planning Permission – if it doesn’t, you can save time and money by not having to worry about this technicality. The conditions refer to the building’s purpose, size, type, and specific measurements, e.g. roof height, its purposes, and more. See the list of the statements here, and if your plan agrees with them, your wooden garage may not need Planning Permission. 

  • Do I need foundations for a wooden garage?

    In short, yes. Any wooden building needs proper foundation, as it’s crucial for its structural integrity and longevity. Usually, the floor bearers screw into the concrete base – sometimes that’s not necessary, as the weight of the building is enough to stay put. However, before you start laying the foundation, you need to check off 3 things on the list we compiled here, and choose the type of foundation that suits your needs best.

  • Does the garage price include doors?

    It depends on what kind of garage you’re looking at, as the classic log construction wooden garage has the doors included in the price, while the timber frame wooden garages require the sectional Hörmann doors to be bought as an extra feature. To find out what is included in the standard garage door set and whether bespoke garage doors are an option, check our page about garage doors.

  • Does garage price include floor?

    No, it doesn’t. However, pressure treated floor bearers, storm braces, and the reinforced garage doors are all included, as well as double-glazed windows, the hardware kit, and VAT. 

  • Do you manufacture bespoke wooden garages?

    Yes, we offer bespoke projects – they take more time to complete, but are very rewarding and the preferred choice for anyone who has their own vision. You can make the wooden garage bigger, smaller, add a few partitions, change the height of the construction, and more. Call us at 02070994301 and we’ll get going!

  • How long do wooden garages last?

    We give either a 5 or a 10 year warranty for all our wooden garages, and a 2 year warranty for the accessories. The warranty length depends on each building’s size and its construction type, and it will apply for the whole given period if the product is maintained and all other warranty conditions are met. To find out the specifics, visit our Warranty page.

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