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Wooden Garage perfect for a Workshop

Constructing a house, workshop or garage requires the input of money and several other resources. The requirement for these resources is substantial and therefore, it is critical that the final result serves the intended purpose to justify the money and time invested.


But, what if you could build a multipurpose structure that offers you sufficient space to serve several different purposes and also be affordable? The Wooden Workshop Garage is the finest example of how a single cost-efficient building can act as both, a garage and a workshop simultaneously.

Efficient utilisation of space

This wooden garage provides ample space for parking your vehicles and also using it as a storage space or workshop. It is possible to park your cars or other vehicles in the front part of the garage and have a fully functional workshop at the rear.


The rear side also features a personal double side door to let you enter directly into your workshop without having to move in from the front of the garage; so you don’t have to worry about hitting your cars with any of the tools that you might be carrying in or out of the workshop. The wooden garage has sufficient internal space to enable parking of more than one vehicle and still leave enough space for a workshop and storeroom.

Structure of the wooden garage

This exquisitely designed wooden garage Hangar features wide “double glazed” double windows to allow ample sunlight to enter the garage and the workshop, making it easy to work with the small parts. It will also cut down your electricity bills as there would not be any need for switching on the bulbs during the daytime.


The doors at the front allow for easy parking and space inside makes it easy to manoeuvre your cars. The rear doors allow direct access to the vacant space at the rear so that you can effortlessly move the items in for storage.

The garage doors are made of wood and have standard galvanised steel support frames that reinforce the durability and strength of the doors, protecting your vehicles and workshop from theft or burglary. The doors have secure locking systems keeping your wooden garage safe at all times.

This wooden garage has a spectacular design with three roof gables – one at the front, second in the middle and third at the rear. These gables not only strength the garage building but also give it an aesthetic appeal and attractive looks.


The middle gable is further strengthened by 44mm thick purlins that provide strength and stability to the roof. The roof of the garage consists of five layered green or red bitumen shingles. It increases the durability of the roof and ensures that it remains waterproof, which increases the life of the wooden garage by reducing dampness inside the structure. The roof is supported by 130mm X 60mm roof joists that make the roof more robust and prevents it from sagging.


The timber used for building this wooden garage is either Nordic Pine or Scandinavian Spruce – the wood types that have been used traditionally to build wooden homes. The wood types are Natural certified and are resistant to mould and rot. The 44mm thickness of the walls makes the cabin a secure and safe place for your garage and workshop.



These wooden garages have external dimensions of 600cm (width) X 900cm (depth). The internal dimensions are 571cm (width) X 871cm (depth) making the garage highly spacious. The 44mm thickness walls ensure long life and strong structure.


The eaves have a height of 209cm and ridge 280cm. The roof of the wooden garage is constructed using heavy duty rafters and tongue and groove boards with 20mm thickness. The roof overhang at the front is 30cm while those at the rear and the sides are 20cm.

The four double windows have a width of 138cm and height of 101cm while the other four smaller windows have a 60cm and 141cm width and height respectively. The two double garage doors have dimensions of 240cm (width) X 207cm (height). The single side door has a height of 140cm and height of 192cm.

The wooden garages have an anti-rot warranty of 10 years and are easy to assemble. The parts have sequential numbers and the garage can either be installed on a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) basis or by professionals.

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