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PVC Windows & Doors

Maximum insulation
Ensure that your log cabin or wooden garage is warmer and quieter with German-made KBE 70 (Profine 70) windows and doors. This latest technology provides our windows and doors with a 70mm thick 5-chamber profile and 24mm double glazing filled with argon gas. These features guarantee KBE 70 windows and doors will sustain the warmth or coolness (in the case of an air conditioning system in summer) in your garden building. Moreover, they will protect you from any noise coming from outside, because tests have revealed that the noise insulation level of these windows and doors is up to 35 DBI.

Building regulation friendly
KBE 70 PVC windows and doors comply with Building regulation requirements by having an overall heat transfer coefficient (U-Value) of 1.4 W/(m²K). Most log cabins on the market are not able to meet Building regulation requirements due to poor U-value windows and doors. Therefore, we can offer a log cabin or garage that is Building regulation friendly.

 German quality guaranteed.
Profine 70 is a company founded in Germany. The KBE 70 windows and doors meet the strictest quality requirements. This quality is confirmed by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DVC 189G certificates. This guarantees the high stability, functionality and durability of the product. You’ll love it.

Safe & Reliable.
KBE 70 plastic windows and doors come with 3 point locking latches and secure locks and hinges, meaning your property is well protected. Thanks to their new and improved fitting technology, the window sashes can be opened up to an angle more than 95 degrees and can withstand up to 100 kilograms of weight, plus they have a burglar proofing up to category WK1 and WK2.

The windows and doors are lead-free, meaning they can easily be recycled and are much better for the environment. As a founding member of the German window recycling initiative ‘REWINDO’, KBE system_70 products are 100% recyclable (Greenline certified). Wink Haus windows and doors are made from the highest quality anti-allergic renewable material which are widely used in sanatoriums and medical institutions.

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