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Planning Permission

One of the critical aspects to consider before starting a new garden building construction project is whether your selected structure will require or be exempt from Planning Permission. Certain structures featuring specific technical parameters do not legally require Planning Permission, allowing you to avoid the hassle with paperwork and thus save time and money.

Planning Permission may be required for wooden buildings of specific types, sizes, purposes and technical characteristics. Make sure to double-check that your selected structure does not require Planning Permission from your Local Planning Authorities.

When Planning Permission is NOT required?

We have prepared a short checklist defining the conditions which need to be met to build a wooden house Planning Permission-free.

Planning permission is NOT required if:

• You are building a single-storey outbuilding in your premises (e.g., your backyard).
• Your selected building does not feature a balcony, platform (raised more than 300 mm from the ground) or veranda. We have ensured that our wooden structures featuring veranda are not raised more than 300 mm from the ground.
• The roof of the building is up to 4 m in height (double-pitched) or up to 3 m in height (single-pitched). The eaves must be up to 2.5 m in height.
• The ridge height is up to 2.5 m (if the house is built within 2 m of the boundary) or 4 m (if the house is built more than 2 m from any boundary).
• The newly built structure will be used for non-residential purposes only (e.g., lounging, storage, or remote working).

If you answered “yes” to all the statements above, you will likely not require Planning Permission for your building. However, in each individual case, we recommend double-checking with your Local Planning Authorities. For your convenience, we have uploaded an application letter sample for your Local Planning Authorities (download here). Regarding the planning rules related to the location of the building, please refer here.

Planning Permission free mobile homes

If you want to build a more spacious structure that could be used for residential purposes for you or your family members, our mobile homes provide the exclusive benefit of building Planning Permission free. 

Have in mind that both of these conditions must apply for such structures:

• The building has to meet the legal definition of a mobile home (all our Planning Permission free mobile homes meet this criterion).
• The mobile home must be dedicated to personal use (or family member) only and not be used for sale or rental purposes.

For your convenience, we have curated a vast assortment of mobile homes which do not require Planning Permission, allowing you to build an additional structure in your garden for personal use, with less documentation hassle and costs involved.

Planning Permission service

If your selected building does not meet all the requirements presented above, you will need to apply for Planning Permission. If you would like for us to assist you in this process by providing you with the drawings, accompanying documents, or any other necessary guidance, we can offer it to you as an additional service. 

If you would like to clarify certain aspects regarding your selected wooden building, we will be glad to answer your questions - do not hesitate to call us 02070994301 or write us [email protected]  

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