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Customer John's residential cabin

The golden goal is pleasing your client, but to get a client that is ecstatic with the product is fabulous. Cabins can make a huge different to people’s spaces and the way this allows them to enjoy their life, but choosing the right one is essential. James came to us with a few ideas about what he wanted from his cabin; he wanted to use it year-round and have two storeys. These were concerning him as he wasn’t sure that a wooden building could be used other than for a few months in the summer and he was worried about planning permission. These fears almost put him off completely. However, we were able to put his fears to rest pretty quickly.

As with many of our two storey cabins, they comply with all required building regulations already. This meant that James could have a great choice and find the cabin that was right for his needs without the worries. He chose a cabin with plenty of flexible space inside. It could therefore double as a living space and an area for relaxation and working. This multiuse space would really enhance the standard of living for James and his family. If James had needed to seek planning permission, he would have abandoned the idea of getting a cabin. He didn’t feel he had the time to worry about getting this sorted at all. He was delighted that this cabin meant there was no need to worry about any aspect of this.

James’ concern that his cabin could only be used at certain times of the year is always a concern that many potential clients have. It is lovely for those summer months and late spring or early autumn, but what about the other half of the year? There are many choices you can make about a variety of our cabins and not just the design and style. For a cabin with the option of additional insulation, this can add to the internal feel of the cabin all year-long. Boosting the heat in the cooler months and the cool in the warm ones, it is exceptional quality insulation that we offer.

James added our insulation package to his cabin. This put insulation into the walls, ceiling and roof as heat can be lost through all of these to varying degrees. Our cabins tend to come with double glazing as standard for a high level of insulation that way. However, James chose to upgrade with our UPVC option to build on this. He added UPVC in both the windows and doors. This did mean an extra cost, but James felt it was worth it as it would allow greater use of the cabin without too much additional heating. This significant space makes a big difference to what he and his family have available to them and the year-long use is a big bonus.

From his annual Halloween party to having a lot more space for Christmas with the extended family, James has seen the benefits. He no longer has to cram parties into his home space, and he has been able to invite all the neighbours. His cabin truly improves on space for home living, while only using some unused outdoor space. He has turned something not useful into something that is used daily. As he can use it year-round, it is a permanent yet flexible area that offers plenty of options. James found his perfect solution in one of our exceptional cabins. An obvious improvement to his home and life that he never expected.

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