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A residential cabin and a couple of camping pods for a family business in Saint-Eulien, France

The pleasure of discovering an increasingly attractive region and new work from home possibilities were what inspired the family of five to sell their property and acquire a plot of land for their next adventure. “Les Chalets du Parc“ opened in April 2023 after four months of preparation, including getting the residential log cabin AGATA and a couple of campings pods BRETA, assembled and decorated. Scroll down to see the pictures featuring the design choices that the owner Laura refers to be in perfect harmony with the atmosphere.

Each model has parking spaces for the travelers, and there’s also a shared garden to feel the spirit of the countryside.

The discovery of

Laura’s goal was to create a guest house project, for which she looked at accommodation that would stand out from other offers. Wood was the obvious first choice of material, and by searching for these types of buildings, the family found Camping pods BRETA left a big impression on the owners – the curved lines and overall charm left them wanting more. Looking at the offers online, this is definitely not a standard construction!

Laura discerned two more aspects that made them sure of their choice:

“Good communication with the teams, starting with the sales representative Annelise who gave us some good advice, and was very professional. Also, reasonable deadlines which were respected without fail.” – Laura


How the second property came about

While the BRETAs were the perfect choice in terms of style, the owners also wanted to appeal to families looking to change their surroundings and explore a more serene environment of the Saint-Eulien village. Thus, residential log cabin AGATA was a solution that added practicality and fit the style of “Les Chalets du Parc“. Laura confided in us that was the website that suited their needs the most. In the end, the family was offered a custom quote – a great offer that they accepted as soon as possible.

Building homes from the ground up

The whole family was involved in the assembly process, as Laura had her relatives help with reading the instructions and provide support in other tasks. Even though the technical skills and previous experience some of them had were very useful here, a few calls had to be made to our team to clarify some aspects of the assembly. Laura received immediate responses, for which she’s very thankful.

“After several months have passed, we are delighted to see the interest that the extraordinary design of the models arouse.” – Laura

Time to prepare the cabins!

For starters, it’s important to note that the owners work in the insulation business. This is why they decided to conduct an experiment by insulating only one BRETA out of the two. The results are likely unsurprising – the insulated version has a clear comfort advantage when it comes to enjoying it in different weather conditions.

The AGATA model was spruced up by adding a wooden fence to the terrace, on which the family created a wall of flowers and herb plantations. Another fence was put on the mezzanine floor to create a safe and secure space for the little ones to play at.

Needless to say, all three structures were upgraded with water supply, electricity, and were fully furnished in a rustic style that complements the slow-grown conifer timber.

What does the future hold for “Les Chalets du Parc“?

Well, the immediate future is quite clear, as the owners plan to add an additional structure soon – they’ve noticed an increasing demand for a spa. Another idea is to create covered spaces for outdoor leisure activities that aren’t dependent on the weather. Hopefully, the business will attract even more happy customers with these offers!

If you’ve gotten any ideas for your own business, give us a call to discuss the best structures for it at 02070994301 !

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