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Dave and Ginie’s sturdy DIY workshop in the suburbs of London

The family wanted something a little more than a storage unit – a building that could help them enjoy their garden space, which is a luxury worth investing in. Knowing the climate of Watford, England, a hideaway from the humidity made perfect sense. The chosen model was our garden log cabin with a flat roof DREUX, which is a practical and multifunctional structure featuring an open-plan layout. Let’s see how the family of six – Dave, Ginie, two teenagers and two cats – made their wish come true!

The road that led to

What the couple envisioned was a workshop with room for storing bicycles. Firstly, they contacted some local builders to clean up the space and get it ready for the future project. One of the builders suggested installing a wooden cabin, which Dave and Ginie thought was brilliant. However, the contractor could not fit the job into his schedule, so he advised the couple to look into and buy the log cabin directly from there. He also mentioned that they could try to build it themselves.

In the end, no local builders were available when the couple needed them, as the goal was to have the wooden cabin standing in the upcoming few months. That’s how DIY became one of the priorities.

The wish list

Let’s see the ideal case scenario. For one, sturdiness was a big factor – the couple was searching for thick walls and a guarantee that the building would hold up for years. They were also looking for a fully-utilised space with windows for ventilation. In the owners’ words,

“Windows were a big plus for us versus the classic plastic walls from general suppliers.”

The new building also had to blend into the garden, as there was a forest nearby and plastic or aluminium options were not worth consideration. Finally, as mentioned previously, the couple needed a workshop that they could build with their own hands.

Everyone’s building the log cabin!

Having looked at different manufacturers locally and online, Dave and Ginie decided that was the clear winner in terms of both design and cost. In the end, this research helped them make an informed decision – especially the visited display areas. 

The assembly took place over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Of course, the weather at this time of year can make the process difficult. In this case, the family managed to keep all the prefabricated parts dry. At the start, every plank was coated with treatment. The foundation posed a challenge – since it was a mix of plastic and gravel, it was hard to flatten it. However, it is holding up well nearly 10 months later. Looking back, the couple acknowledge that they didn’t have the time or knowledge needed to lay a concrete base. 

Finally, a felt roof was added to make the ceiling waterproof. 

How DREUX became Dave and Ginie’s hobby space

The first upgrade was made so that all 7 of the family’s bicycles could fit inside. The added storage space helped keep the room tidy, as all the equipment was hung up on the wall. Next the owners installed LED strip lighting to create a cosy ambience, plus a workbench for more comfort. To keep the wooden floor undamaged, rubber flooring was added as well.

Fast forward to this day, Dave and Ginie are happy to report that their garden log cabin is in daily use. The family enjoys the natural light that the windows provide, and the ability to tilt them without having to fully open them. These seemingly small details add up and create comfortable and joyous experiences.

Would you like to live out your own success story? Don’t hesitate to contact us at 02070994301 and make any model you like your happy place!

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