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  • wooden house vs harsh Mongolian climate

    Our location geography ranges throughout the entire world, yet there are still some places that haven’t been widely discovered by our project teams. Mongolia has been one of the more exquisite locations that we have recently added to our product delivery list. This was quite an exceptional journey to get all the materials delivered to such a distant place, definitely worth noting in the story. So, let’s not wait any further and begin. The vastness of the green landscape surrounding the construction area could easily take one’s breath away. The real smiles and joy we witnessed in the pictures shared by the customer fill our hearts with pure gratitude – we are glad our products could touch the lives of people, despite the distance, and bring them so much joy. M… (More)
  • Wooden house treatment and painting

    Proper wooden house treatment plays a key role in its longevity. By choosing the right treatment materials and paint for your newly built structure and performing regular maintenance of the building, you will retain a pleasant aesthetic appearance and enhanced functional properties for much longer. In this article, our specialists share the most important practical tips for wooden house treatment and painting, ensuring that your residency, vacation house or garden building will last! The dos and don’ts of wooden building treatment • Apply a generous amount of treatment material (following the material manufacturer’s instructions) as soon as the wooden building is installed and regularly afterwards (at least once a year, depending on the coating quality). • Make… (More)
  • A Family Weekend House in the Dreamy Valley of Löwenstein Hills in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

    Daniela & Jochen took over their exceptional leisure property in the mountains with 15 ares of land and a direct view of the surrounding vineyards from their grandmother 7 years ago. They have been enjoying it on the weekends with their caravan ever since. In 2020, the family built themselves a self-sufficient weekend base for a more comfortable leisure experience and are spending weekends with their daughter Suree in a delightful two-storey log cabin house. How it all began At the end of 2019, the family decided that it was time to expand their comfort and, instead of spending time in a caravan, they needed to build a weekend house for the whole family to be able to enjoy this beautiful place more comfortably. So, the search for the dream wooden house in the Alpine style began.… (More)
  • Let’s celebrate: reached a 4.9/5 Trustpilot score and more than 1000 reviews!

    This year, we hit a massive milestone by reaching an EXCELLENT review score on with more than 1000 unique customer reviews! Trustpilot reviews benefit both our customers and us was launched in 2007 with a clear mission – to help people learn more about the business they want to engage with and make an informed purchase decision. This platform works as a space to share customers' insights and opinions about their purchasing journey and experience with the company. The ratings help people choose the right supplier among numerous competitors and strengthen the business's credibility. Let’s celebrate the ones who made this happen! To make the best out of this momentous occasion, we would like to cherish the ones who stand behind this ach… (More)
  • She Shed: Ideas, Purposes & Why You Might Need One in Your Life

    What’s a she shed, you may wonder if you have never heard the term or considered garden buildings to be something worth looking into for pure leisure & relaxation, not just practical purposes. Well, to say it shortly, it is a garden haven, a feminine retreat, bringing so-much-needed moments of solitude, grounding, recharging & performing one's hobbies in a quiet and undisturbed space, resulting in a happier and more energized state of being. Sounds exciting, right? Then, stay with us as we guide you through the top aspects of creating a beautiful she shed space to relax and have quality time with yourself or surprise a loved lady in your life. What’s a she shed all about? The main point of a she shed is to have a peaceful space for enjoying things you love most… (More)
  • Exclusive Wooden Carport for American Vehicle Admirer

    There are no two projects that are precisely the same, as all our customers have their unique goals that they want to achieve with a specific product purchase. However, as you can see from this story, even the most regular products can shine in a sparkling new light once they are settled into their new surroundings and get some character and personality added to them.  This exclusive carport project has turned out to be yet another exciting adventure, resulting in a stylish & comfortable solution for storing our customer’s extraordinary American vehicles and bringing satisfaction to our whole team. Let’s see how it all went!   How the whole story began Our client Manfred, an independent insurance salesman, together with his wife and their charming great Dane,… (More)
  • Dean, Karen & their alpacas: a log cabin home story from Tickhill, Doncaster

    Meet Dean and Karen Pratt – the owners of an alpaca farm in Tickhill, who decided to fulfil their dream of living in a log cabin on their farm. The couple moved from a four bedroom house to one of our prefabricated log cabin homes. Let’s see how this big change turned into a big success! Farm life can be demanding and require lots of dedication, as Dean and Karen take care of their two children, thirty alpacas, two dogs, two cats, three chickens, and a horse! Their business (Tickhill Alpacas) also offers alpaca walking and glamping, plus they also work in partnership with Doncaster council by providing services for vulnerable children and adults. That’s a lot to take on! Fortunately, picking log cabin NICOLE and tailoring the model to the couple’s needs just com… (More)
  • Customer Story: A Family-Run Glamping Park in Cyprus – Mountain View Included

    Christoforos had a clear vision – a glamping park with the best that nature had to offer, including the cabins. Luckily, he launched the business in 2017 the way he planned it, and now the Cyprus Glamping Park is booming. Glampers can choose from cabins with terraces, work spaces, and dining inside in the kitchen or outside in the sun (or both!). There’s nothing like experiencing nature among olive trees, in a perfect location with a beach less than 1 kilometre away. There’s no cement walls or lifts that isolate you from the beauty of nature – this is an environmentally friendly holiday destination that doesn’t compromise comfort.  The cabins were ideal for providing high-quality accommodation while maintaining the authenticity of nature at the same t… (More)
  • Customer Story: Jean Paul and His Cosy Bungalow-Style Hotel in Chabris, Central France

    Jean Paul, a former craftsman and business manager, currently in his pre-retirement after more than 30 years in business, has always dreamt of owning a small bungalow-style hotel and hosting guests in the peaceful region of Chabris, Central France.  Traditional wooden chalet seemed like a perfect solution for the seasonal rental business due to its utmost practicality, sleek aesthetic appearance, and budget-friendly price. But unfortunately, purchasing separate land in the Savoie region was out of the picture, so Jean Paul and his wife decided to dedicate a part of their land to build a compact wooden chalet in their premises.   Jean Paul was browsing through numerous wooden building models at our French branch and was impressed by their quality characteristics and aesthetic… (More)
  • Customer Story: Anthony & Rebecca and their Luxury Log Cabin with Wood Fired Hot Tub in Chwilog, Wales

    Our customers Anthony and Rebecca have decided to develop a luxury accommodation project for hosting guests in the picturesque rural area of Lôn Goed. Once they established the need for such property, the couple purchased some land close to the centre of Chwilog and started looking for the perfect wooden house solution. Their superb accommodation is now entering the second season, and the owners couldn’t be happier with their choice – our insulated wooden house HYMER. Based on the 9.4 visitor review score on (at the time of writing this story), Anthony and Rebecca’s Luxury Log Cabin is highly appreciated among the visitors as well. “We purchased a plot of land on Llyn Peninsular North Wales with a view to siting a number of holiday letting prop… (More)
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