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  • Things to Check in Insulated Wooden Garage during Spring and Summer

    Spring and summer are the best times of the year to take really good care of your insulated wooden garage. Maintenance issues require your attention in order that you can immediately address any problems right away. Do not wait until the issue becomes irreparable and any measures prove futile. A well-maintained insulated wooden garage offers numerous features and benefits especially if they stay in top condition for a long period of time. Benefits of Checking your Wooden Garage One of the reasons why you need to check your timber garage during spring and summer is that you need to ensure its quality and life span. Proper maintenance of the garage goes a long way, especially if you are worried about the expenses that you may incur in case there are damages that require repair or replacem… (More)
  • A Summer House Made of Wood – Advantages and Disadvantages

    A wooden summer house is one of the most popular and in demand types of structural building in different parts of the world today. This timber construction is designed for summer, as the name implies, however, there are constructions with contemporary features that would make your house versatile in terms of its function, making it ideal for all-year-round use. Homeowners as well as property investors consider wooden summer houses a good investment due to the advantages of owning one. Nevertheless, there are also downsides that you must look into in order to have a fair and balanced judgment. The Main Benefits of a Wooden Summer House Making a huge investment in housing is an important and life-changing financial venture for almost all people in many parts of the globe. Building struc… (More)
  • How to Create a Cosy House in 7 Simple Steps

    A cosy summer house is a remarkable and lucrative investment for contemporary property investors and homeowners. You can have your own special outdoor space and see how it can make your life so much better and your property get the boost it needs. However, it is not an easy task to create a summer house that will make a world of difference to your property. How do you create a great garden house with features that will make it your new dream building? 7 Easy Steps to Create the Best Summer House Log cabin summer houses are special spaces that can instantly transform your property into something remarkable with high market value. It is where you can do several activities, such as crafting, painting, writing, and many others. Transform it into your home office or workspace or you can al… (More)
  • Is It Possible to Build a Garden Room in Early Spring?

    A garden room is one of the best investments that you could ever make, especially if you are thinking of the best way to upgrade your property in early spring. Early spring means different months depending on your location, whether you are in the North or South. However, building a fascinating garden room in early spring is absolutely possible and in fact, a great investment to venture into. Garden Room Top Considerations Once you have established that early spring is the best time of the year for a lucrative outdoor space, it is high time that you consider other important factors in creating a garden room. Is it the right home project today? Your garden is a great element that will definitely boost the curb appeal of your property. However, it would be much better if it does not remai… (More)
  • Insulated Log Cabin – Things to Consider When Buying

    An insulated log cabin is a comfortable place to live in. You can enjoy an energy efficient wooden home if you make sure that the insulation system in your cabin is fully functional. There are important things to know and consider if you want to insulate your log house to enjoy the benefits of cabin living. Facts about Insulated Log Cabins Heat loss is one of the primary problems you need to deal with if the insulation level of your log house is less than what the minimum requirement is. Log home builders usually apply and install the recommended insulation at the time of the cabin’s construction. However, you need to make some upgrades if you really want an effectively insulated log cabin. The walls and ceilings are the points of the house where heat is usually lost or the air seeps in… (More)
  • Log Cabin Manufacturing Process – Everything You Need to Know

    A log cabin can be your primary residence or a recreational building, depending on what you intend to do with your investment. Log homes are traditional housing options with their share of inherent strengths and shortfalls. A log house is a good insulator, but it is also prone to cracking, shifting, shrinking, and checking. Wooden structures can be expensive or affordable, depending on various factors such as the quality of materials, the length of the log cabin manufacturing process, and additional treatments and features. Know the Log Cabin Manufacturing Process The ultimate in log house living allows you to enjoy a hassle-free and healthier lifestyle while enjoying the midst of nature. Learn the step-by-step log cabin manufacturing process to have an informed view of your investment:… (More)
  • The Popularity of Wooden Garages in UK

    The popularity of wooden garages UK is undeniable especially with the surge in homeowners and property investors choosing timber housing than the conventional structures. It is quite normal to see timber garages throughout the United Kingdom. You can find stand-alone structures or garages that are integrated into the original structure of the primary residence or home. Contemporary wooden garages UK are also more flexible in terms of design and functionality. Why are Wooden Garages UK Popular? The numerous advantages of having a timber garage in your property are reasons enough why an increasing number of people start investing in this home feature. On top of its main function to secure your vehicle for safe keeping, wooden garages UK have various other resilient purposes. Here are some… (More)
  • Quick Garden featured on ITV's Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover!

    If you are ever looking for ideas on how to refresh the look of your home, garage or garden, you are probably a fan of ITV’s Peter Andre’s 60 Minutes Makeover! This extremely popular show has been running for 12 seasons now and has changed the lives of countless people. This time, we at Quick Garden were very proud to help Pete and the team go to Surrey to transform the home of a former police officer Steve Barron. The designer, Ben Hillman, had a look at our broad range of designs and picked our log cabin Jack 4m x 3m, which was the perfect size for Steve’s garden. Who can resist a spacious man cave these days? A few weeks later we delivered the cabin to Mr Barron’s premises – in fact our professional assembly team worked from the early morning, installing the base as well as the ca… (More)
  • Eco-Friendly Buildings – Log Cabin Positive Features

    A garden log cabin is one of the most popular options when choosing a residential or vacation home. Log houses have enjoyed a long history since their discovery centuries ago in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. One of the benefits of choosing a log house for your residential or secondary home is that it is an eco-friendly building. Individuals that want to enjoy an environment-friendly kind of lifestyle choose to live in wood or timber houses and this lifestyle suits them well. Why is a Log Cabin an Eco-Friendly Building? Log homes have a positive impact on the environment on top of the fact that this type of building gives you a comfortable and healthy place of abode in the midst of nature. The main material for a log cabin construction is wood, which has a positive impact, esp… (More)
  • Things You Need to Know about When Living Green in a Log Cabin

    Living in a log cabin is the best decision you could ever make, especially if you want to have an eco-friendly lifestyle. Green living makes you healthier and allows you to reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Living in a wooden log cabin is one of the most popular options among individuals across age groups and economic status. You can be a young professional but can still choose to live in a log home if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, along with the pollution, of urban living. Things to Know about Log Cabin and Green Living A wooden building that you can make your residential home provides a unique and healthy place of abode that you can enjoy unlike any other type of building. Check out the important things you need to know about living in a log cabin and enjoying a g… (More)
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