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How to Create a Cosy House in 7 Simple Steps

A cosy summer house is a remarkable and lucrative investment for contemporary property investors and homeowners. You can have your own special outdoor space and see how it can make your life so much better and your property get the boost it needs. However, it is not an easy task to create a summer house that will make a world of difference to your property. How do you create a great garden house with features that will make it your new dream building?

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7 Easy Steps to Create the Best Summer House

Log cabin summer houses are special spaces that can instantly transform your property into something remarkable with high market value. It is where you can do several activities, such as crafting, painting, writing, and many others. Transform it into your home office or workspace or you can also convert a summer house into a private sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy your leisure time without the disturbance and foot traffic.

A summer house provides a welcome shade especially from midday heat during summer or sunny days. You can create a cosy summer house in simple steps, bearing in mind that you need to choose your own style with the perfect windows, tiled roof, and other details. Make your garden building or room the best reflection of your personality and everything you envisioned a dream space should be.

Step 1 – Find the Perfectly Secluded Spot in the Garden

Just like any other structural building, a summer house should have the perfect location anywhere in your garden. Take note that it is really important to choose the position of your garden space or structure because it will influence the overall quality of the building. For instance, do you want your garden room or building to be at the end of the garden or the middle part? The middle portion of the garden would make your summer house look smaller than its actual size. Positioning it in the middle of the garden would also break up the space of the lawn that you have.

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A beautiful summer house is a retreat that should keep you away from the foot traffic and nuisance of the everyday life that is in your primary home. Make your garden house spacious by choosing a venue that is surrounded by trees. It gives it a truly middle-of-the-country secluded ambiance.

Step 2 – Choose the Best Layout or Blueprint

You can choose whether you are doing the summer house on your own or you are going to hire experts to do the job for you. The best garden building or space should have the ideal layout or blueprint that would perfectly suit your style and requirements. You can find numerous free or premium guides for your summer house blueprint and layout on the internet. However, you can always hire the experts in this area if you don’t want to deal with the worries and other hassles that come with building your garden structure. Contractors that build summer houses have the experience, expertise, and technical knowledge about the entire construction ordeal. One of the best things about hiring the experts is that they will take care of everything including the securing of the building permit and other requirements that you need to acquire before you can initialize your project.

Step 3 – The Right Theme Says It All

On top of the technical requirements that you need to deal with when building a summer house, you also need to choose the right theme. There are overflowing themes for a garden building to choose from, depending on your style and preference. You can choose a plantation-style summer home or something that would make it the perfect retreat. Some men prefer a minimalistic theme for their garden space and convert it into a man cave or media and entertainment room, as well as a workspace. One of the most popular options for a garden room is to make it a spare space so that you can accommodate unexpected guests who will be staying over for a night or two.


Step 4 – Colour the Exterior with the Perfect Shade

The right shade makes a world of difference in the overall look of your summer house. One of the most popular colours for the exterior is a fetching blue especially if you are planning on creating a hilly garden. You can also choose other shades such as a calming green, which could absolutely transform the space into a country-style place or conservatory. Accentuate the exterior with paint colours that offer a fresh backdrop to its surroundings, complimenting them while keeping everything cool and classy.

Step 5 – Mix and Match the Furniture

Create the perfectly cosy summer house with the right mixture of furniture pieces and style. You can create a space using comfy sofa or painted wicker pieces in eye-catching hues to match your personality and fashion sense. There are junk shop finds that you could use for your relaxing outhouse. It could be as simple or as extravagant as you wish, depending on the types of furniture you place in the space. You can even recycle some furniture pieces if you feel a little crafty and innovative.


Step 6 – Decorate the Interiors with Garden Prints

It is important to have the right furnishings in the summer house interiors in order to give the garden space an entirely different mood and ambiance from your primary residence. You can use natural materials as well as garden and botanical prints for the interior design. Use fresh greens, a splash of yellow, and bright pinks that are reminiscent of the great outdoors. These are also soothing schemes for your garden house.

Step 7 – Accessorize with a Stylish Footpath

Complete the overall look of your summer house with a stylish stepping stone path leading to the front door of your garden building. It offers an aesthetic boost as well as highlighting your garden space, even with such limited space and a small structure to begin with. Add other features such as landscape ornaments and plants.

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