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The Gerlach family and their wooden garage project in Oppach, Germany

When the old metal garage had served its purpose after 30 years, the Gerlach family decided it was time to take on a new project. The owners only required a single-vehicle storage space as the two daughters had already left the house, and the family remained with only one car at their disposal.

When it came to the requirements for their new garage building, there were quite a few. Since the family already had two wooden buildings in their garden (a tool shed and a sauna), they decided to go for a wooden garage, and our product range was perfect for that. 

The 6x6 meters foundation available that remained after removing the old metal garage provided quite a freedom for the selection of the new structure space-wise. Other important aspects of the new garage were its visually eye-catching aesthetic qualities, price and the ability to assemble the product by themselves.

According to the customers, the search didn’t take too long as they soon ended up on Pineca’s website. Wooden garage TEXAS (44 mm), 6x6 m, 36 m² met the customers’ expectations to the fullest.

“Our request for the special feature of a 3 m gate entrance was quickly resolved to our satisfaction, and then we made the purchase decision. I thought there would be a problem with the delivery as the house is located on a cul-de-sac, and the street would be too narrow for a large truck. However, it turned out that there was not a problem at all due to the professionality of the delivery company.” – Frank

Frank shared that assembling the garage was not a problem either. The installation instructions, video, and PDF files provided clarity and valuable insights into completing this task.

“I was able to carry out all the work myself, including assembling the garage, roofing, door and window installation and attaching the gutter. Only the electrics and the installation of the selection gate were carried out by external companies. Great product! ” – Frank

Frank has shared that their family enjoys the beautiful garage in their garden that checks all the boxes they wished for in their new project. From the aesthetical look to the ease of construction and solid build of the finished structure, the Gerlach family is fully satisfied with their purchase. We are excited to hear that!

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