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Why Log Cabin Is an Eco-Friendly Choice?

A log cabin is an environmentally friendly way to live in the lap of nature. Modern lifestyles have made it difficult to enjoy being a part of nature and live in harmony with our planet. The buzzing city life, over crowded cities, pollution and improper dietary habits have all contributed towards making life difficult and unhealthy. Log cabins offer a way to escape the nuance of the city life and live close to Mother Nature. A log cabin offers the kind of life full of peace and comfort and help reverse the damages caused by the unhealthy living habits.

Made from natural material

Log cabins are made from elements that are naturally available and do not include any synthetic material such as plastic, chemicals or any other harmful or hazardous materials that are generally found in the modern day apartments and houses. Log cabins are made of wooden logs that are of high quality and help maintain a natural environment. The wooden logs used for constructing log cabins are from trees that are already dead but still have good quality wood that has not been eaten by worms. The high quality wood when used for constructing log cabins allow the walls of the cabins to breath in a natural manner thereby preserving freshness and quality of air.

The wooden walls also act as natural insulation thereby eliminating any need for artificial means of heating or cooling. The superior quality air that is pure and healthy to breath reduces several pulmonary ailments. The naturally maintained weather and temperature makes living in the log cabin cosy and comfortable. The natural insulation provided by the wood keeps the interiors warm in winter and cool in summer. The temperature therefore remains evenly balanced round the year and the uniformity of the temperature makes for pleasant living.

Environmental Advantages

Materials that are used for constructing log cabins have their environmental advantages. These cabins are highly energy efficient. Since the requirement of heating and cooling apparatus is reduced significantly, the energy consumption reduces significantly thereby reducing the carbon footprints of such cabins. For people who are conscious of their impact over the environment and want to contribute towards the betterment of the environment, log cabins are the best abodes to live in. The energy consumption in such log cabins are very low as compared to traditional houses and apartments. This is also evident from the exponentially growing number of people who now prefer to live in log cabins.

Natural lighting

Log cabins are generally constructed in a manner that allows more natural sunlight to enter the cabin. The windows are larger and this allows more light to enter the rooms of the cabin. Also, since the log cabins are generally situated in places with large open lawns or in the woods, there are fewer structures around them to block the light from entering the cabin. Due to the availability of the natural lighting, the requirement for the artificial lighting reduces considerably and this helps in reducing power consumption. Reduction in the power consumption results in not just reducing the electricity bills but it is also more environment friendly.

Healthy surroundings such as gardens

Log Cabins usually have large lawns or open spaces around them which can be used for planning of flowers, fruits and vegetables and creating a beautiful garden. This is immensely beneficial in terms of health as the garden will supply fresh oxygen and will result in clean air. The garden can have several flowers that will make the atmosphere in and around the cabin fresh. The garden space if used wisely can allow planting and cultivation of several fruits and vegetables that can act as a source of fresh and healthy food. Those living in the cabin can enjoy the benefits of a healthy and clean diet free of any artificial preservatives. Also these fruits and vegetables can be plucked off the plants and can be eaten fresh without the need to store them for several days. This results in the requirement of refrigeration and helps save on energy as well.

Calm and peaceful living

Log cabins provide an ambience that is serene and tranquil. Those living in the log cabins enjoy a peaceful and calm life away from boisterous traffic and other noises of the city. This results in significantly improve physical and mental health. The health benefits of living in a calm and quiet atmosphere provided by log cabins are immense and helps reduce health problems such as hypertension, heart related ailments, stress, anxiety and depression.

Those who live in log cabins have reported the health benefits that they have been able to receive. Not just the elderly but even young individuals who live in log cabins enjoy the benefits of long and healthy lives. The mental peace that they get by living in such wooden cabins has helped them fight the negative effects of several mental ailments that are the results of stressful modern living. The ambience and the healthy environment results in significant improvement of mental health.

Living in log cabins is highly beneficial and the material used for the construction of the log cabins, the surrounding garden, energy efficiency of these log cabins and other factors mentioned above result in an environmental friendly and healthy living. The benefits are not just limited to the individuals living in the log cabins but even the entire environment and the ecological system gets benefitted. Constructions like these help considerably reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere and the lesser energy consumption means cleaner air. The garden around log cabins are also important sources of fresh air and this helps preserve the environment. Log cabins make natural living a possibility and this positively affects the ecological system since the flora and fauna that gets benefitted from such log cabins further support preservation of various species of birds, insects and animals.

Log cabins are the most eco-friendly means to live. The individuals as well as the overall environment gets immensely benefitted and this is the reason why it is fast becoming a popular domicile for people in several parts of the world.

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