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Selecting Site for the Wooden Cabins

You have looked at and researched all kinds of different home construction types. After carefully considering the benefits, drawbacks and looks of each; you have decided that a wooden cabin is a perfect fit for you. But hold on for a second; you can’t buy nice wooden cabins until you find a place to build it. Here is a list of things to consider when selecting a site to build wooden cabins.

First of all before you decide where you want to build, you have to realize that wooden cabins are very sturdy and durable and they can be built in any climate or even places with adverse weather conditions, so don’t worry about those things. As a matter of fact, cabin homes have a well-earned reputation of standing up to mother nature virtually unscathed when other types of home construction have failed. So base your decision on more personal factors as opposed to whether you think a wooden cabin will hold up well in a particular environment.

Also keep in mind that nowadays log home construction is a little different than ‘Little House on the Prairie’. They can be built with double pane storm windows, weather proof sealed doors, modern roofing and anything else you can build into any other type of conventional house construction. All the more reason to base your lot location on personal influences alone.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a huge factor in deciding where you want to build your log house to live in. If you like the fresh air and the mountains then a location in the suburbs of those type of areas or even more rural will appeal to you and make you comfortable in the wooden cabin after you build it. The same holds true if you have hobbies like bicycling that you like to do as often as possible; choose a location that has bike trails or other safe places to ride nearby. You want to select a location that is close enough to support your hobbies or activities so you can do them as often as you like.

Water Or No Water

Your wooden cabin will have no problem holding up to any type of nearby water conditions. It does not matter if it is green water, salt water or any kind of water for that matter; your  cabin will be treated to resist harm from these types of moisture. So if you like to water ski pick a home near a lake or if you like to fish then choose a site that overlooks a river or creek. Don’t even be afraid to build near the beach because your wooden cabin will be fine there too. You will find a large selection of choices for home sites near water for sure.

Intended Wooden Cabin Purpose

What you will use your wooden cabin for is a huge factor in selecting a site to build it on. If it is going to be a weekend hunting lodge then you will need to locate it near an area that has the type of game you like to hunt. If it will be a summer home but you don’t really like the heat, then a location for the wooden cabins at a little higher than normal elevation will work for you nicely. So be sure to make one of the prime factors in your location for building to put it in an area where it will serve your intended purpose for it well.


It is always a god idea to build a wooden cabin in a strategic pace to cut down on the amount of driving you do; this can be accomplished even if you still want your wooden cabin in a somewhat isolated location. You don’t want your children to have a long commute to school or their many activities, so make sure to consider things like this when selecting a building site. Keep yourself within a reasonable drive of such things as shopping, entertainment and healthcare unless the sole purpose of your wooden cabin is as a retreat or to be isolated from the stress of modern day living.

Make Sure Building a Wooden Cabin Is Allowed

Believe it or not there are some places where building woodens cabin is not allowed or any type of residential for the matter; you must know the building codes of any land you want to buy fall under. You will also need to get a building permit and have any design approved and signed off on by a local building inspector or engineer. These are things that you must do BEFORE you commit to any land purchase to build you custom wooden cabin home on.


Even when you find a site there are still decisions left to make. You will have to make sure your lot plan will allow you to orient the building in the direction you want. There are also considerations for such things as the terrain; for instance, if you want to build a foundation or a basement you can’t select a site that is predominantly rocky no matter how well it matches your desires in the other categories that were mentioned here.

As you can see there is a lot more than meets the eye when you are making the important decision on where to build your wooden cabin. When you are out there making a decision about where to put your wooden cabin, have confidence in your decision; you will feel it in your gut when you know you have found the perfect building site.

You should have learned to trust your decision making by now because you have already shown you make good decisions by purchasing a quality, long lasting wooden cabin. Worst case scenario, if you end up building in a place that you decide was not right for you after all; no problems again there either because wood cabin homes have a high resale value and sell quickly.

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