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A Well Near the Garden Cabin: The Most Important Aspects

Every owner of a garden cabin wish to grow something (cucumbers, tomatos, herbs and alike). Probably everybody knows that it is hard to grow good vegetables in the garden if there is not enough water supply. So, what can you do if it is a long way to the nearest pond and you don’t have a centralised water supply close at hand?

There is a solution and one that it is quite easy to come by. The answer in this situation is to install a well. According to their construction type, wells can be classified into boreholes, tubular wells and traditional wells dug by hand. Before proceeding with a well installation, it is very important to find a site near the garden cabin where the water comes closest to the surface.

This can be done in several ways. In order to find such a site, some people have been known to observe animal behaviour, while others make conclusions on the basis of plants and fog, however, the most reliable way to achieve this goal is to make a trial borehole.

Also, it is important to bear in mind that a well should be placed at least 30 metres away from any plumbing constructions or any compost pits. If a well’s main function is to supply water to plants and vegetables, it is worth erecting it in the immediate vicinity of the garden.

Today wells are usually made of reliable concrete constructions. To install a concrete well, concrete pipes or rings are employed. However, if it proves difficult to find these, they can be replaced by monolithic ingot. In this case place 2 layers (inner and outer) along the whole length of the well shaft and fill it in with concrete. In order to make the well sturdier, different metal rods or thin pipes can be used to reinforce the construction, which will also contribute to the well’s longevity.

The upper part of the well can be made depending on your aesthetic preferences; it can be made of wood, tiles, stones or other material.

Water pumping can be made easier by installing a pump or an electrical device which lifts the bucket containing the water.

Even if you intend to use a well only to water your plants, it’s best to adhere to the main sanitary norms. For example a roof, usually erected above the well, does not only serve as a decorative feature but also protects the well from rain water, leaves and other elements.

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