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Tips on How to Build a Garden Office from Scratch

Learning how to build a garden offices from scratch is one of the most productive ventures you could ever invest your resources into. Even if you don’t have the technical and mechanical knowledge with regard to creating your own garden room or office, there are detailed guides that can help you with your DIY project. Before knowing the step-by-step ways on how to build a garden office from scratch, there are essential factors to consider.


Before You Build a Garden Office

There are key elements in building a garden office from zero and knowing these essential elements is a must. Take a closer look at some of the most important things to look into for a successful garden office project:


Different contractors and guides to build a garden office from scratch have varying choices for the foundation, however, a concrete slab is basically the most popular option. Nowadays, plinth foundations have revolutionized garden room or office construction, providing adjustable surfaces and quick installation. Choose foundations that also require little site preparation and a high-quality strong base layer for your garden office.

Electrical System

In learning, how to build a garden office from scratch, always remember that you also need to look into the electrical system of this outdoor structure. The electrical system is an important feature of the room but you will need the professionals for the installation. A building project such as a garden office or room requires the electrical system during the first and second phase of the construction. Look for a contractor with a good and trusted reputation for the job so that you don’t encounter any difficulties or hassles along the way.



Since garden rooms or offices are used as living annexes or separate liveable units, a good plumbing system is essential. Even when you build a garden office from scratch, it is essential to ensure that the plumbing is installed and set up on time. Full shower rooms and toilets require quality plumbing and when your garden office has these features your plumbing system has to be properly installed. Make your garden office a self-contained building for a more lucrative return on your investment.


One of the most exciting parts to build a garden office from scratch is the design phase. There are basic models that showcase certain features such as vinyl coated boards or MDF, while higher spec. buildings have interiors with fully plastered designs. You can also find garden office interiors such as those with birch plywood linings while the flooring features usually have engineered or laminate features along with rubber and carpet floors.


Phases in Building a Garden Office from Scratch

Check out the different phases or stages when you build your garden office from scratch even without the help of professional contractors:

Phase 1

During the first phase of the project, you must initially choose your site or the piece of land where you will build or construct the garden office or room. Dig some holes that would serve as the places to put in the necessary footings.

Phase 2

You can lay out the foundation and complete the frame that shows the full feature or size of the garden office of your choice. You can use 4 concrete blocks which carefully and stably sit on the concrete foot plates as support to the frame of the structure. You can add more blocks if you need a much stronger frame. These are features that you could also fill in for the joists of the frame. Make sure the concrete blocks allow a few inches from the ground to the building in order to ensure good airflow.


Phase 3

Finish the base or foundation of the garden office as the initial phase to build a garden office from scratch. Make sure all the supporting points are covered from the concrete blocks to the joists of the frame. You can put a central part running the entire length of the foundation or base where you can hang the joists from. The central part provides more strength for the base while you can also ensure good insulation in the base of the garden office.

Phase 4

In building the walls for the garden office, you can use some reclaimed wood for the wall construction. There are numerous choices of reclaimed wood such as softwood where you can have much cheaper options, especially for tight budgets. There are various timber or log suppliers that could help you in choosing the right type of wood for your garden office walls. Although reclaimed wood is highly recommended, it is also best to choose wood species and features that guarantee proper and quality insulation. The wood should be all dried out before you start constructing the first wall. Work out the height of the structure and make square frames. Screw the pieces and use cross beams to support the wall.

Phase 5

Finish the base, put more insulation in the foundation, and lay the floor. After the floor insulation, make sure you also insulate the walls as you continue to complete the structure. Finish the walls including the front, windows, and doors. The next step is to install and finish the roof before you get the doors on.


Phase 6

Installing the garden office door is one of the most important stages when you build a garden office from scratch. The frame could simply allow you to screw the door into the building wood frame. You can opt for a dual door that easily lifts into place while the hinges could be easily screwed into the building frame. The door is now semi-water tight and safe, able to withstand a light shower.

Some of the other phases you need to look into when you build a garden office from scratch include painting the structure and providing all the other systems to make the structure fully functional. Building a garden office or room on your own is a daunting challenge but it is absolutely a lucrative project to venture into.

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