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5 Ways to Make a Garden Office into a Guest House

A garden office is a great feature in your home with numerous purposes on top of being just a simple garden structure that could serve as your storage space. You can transform this garden structure into a more liveable and useful space, especially for accommodating visitors or guests who spend the night or two. A temporary guest house is an additional property feature that could make a world of difference in the overall value of your home.


Convert your garden office into a guest house and see how it can improve the functionality of this garden structure upfront. You need not worry about space constraints anymore because your garden office is easy to make into a guest room right away; you just need some basic knowledge and skills to make the transformation. You can also consult with the professionals in this field for more information and tips.

Five Tips to Convert a Garden Office into Guest House

Guests staying in your home are a fact of life and you need the best place where you can provide high quality accommodation. The garden office is where you can accommodate your guest and give them the ideal space without any disruption in your main home. There are, however, various steps on how you can convert your garden office into your new guest house without the hassle or costly expenditure.

   1.  Organize and Clear Out

The first thing you need to do is to get things organized and clear out the clutter inside the garden office. You may still have all your stuff and personal effects inside the structure and it would be quite difficult to redesign the building from its original to a new purpose. Get things organized and remove the clutter or sort out the items into groups. You can segregate the items in different boxes labelled miscellaneous, office, and guest room.


Get rid of broken items and trash or discard rarely used or unused items, placing them into your donation box. Clearing out the clutter from the garden office is not just a basic step to make the room transformation but it is also vital in simplifying our life and creating a space without the unnecessary extras.

   2.  Careful Planning is King

Functional living is one of the top priorities that you should consider when planning for the transformation of the garden office into a guest room. You can find smart designs that could easily help you with the room transition. Make the garden structure more flexible so that you can even combine your workspace into a welcoming guest room. There are practical and versatile room themes that you can research online for more professional references. You could use a loft bed or one that is foldable so that it doesn’t consume too much floor space in the morning. Identify your needs and incorporate them into the overall layout of your guest room.


   3.  Give the Room Some Personality

Your garden office and the guest room may have multi-purpose usage but you can still give it a personality that reflects your style. Avoid using neutral or earth tones that are quite boring and that would only make the room less attractive. You can also find modern and more eccentric furniture pieces to match your personality and personal taste. There are different items to choose from such as accessories and artwork that would mirror your own interests.

Play with colours if you must and make sure that you consult with the right sources if you are aiming for effective colours that go together. Moreover, there are TV shows or design sites that could help you find much cheaper decoration alternatives for your garden office that will serve as your guest room. Mix and match vibrant and neutral shades for a balanced aesthetic that provides relaxation.


   4.  Set Up Space-Efficient Furniture Pieces

A garden office may have different features but the furniture pieces you place inside could make a world of difference. Choose furniture items that will not consume too much floor space and would make the guest room look cramped and crowded. There are innovative furniture designs that are foldable or have much smaller dimensions, making them perfect for the limited space inside the garden office and guest room.

Some of the popular choices for garden office guest rooms include small daybeds or a trundle bed that is small in measurement but still offers the same comfort. Air mattresses are also popular options for the garden office and guest room because you can easily store it inside the closet in case guests are staying overnight.

   5.  Install All the Tech Necessities

A modern garden office requires the ideal workspace that is complete with all the necessities to help you use your devices for work. A guest room also requires the same tech features that could help your guests use their gadgets. Install outlets where they can use their chargers or plug in their device for immediate use. You can also make the guest room accessible with internet connection because everyone needs to connect to the web nowadays. It is important to provide the right technologies inside a garden office that you will convert into a guest bedroom. For instance, a PC or laptop computer inside the room that is accessible for guests is a great addition that you could consider.


Being a tech host is often highly appreciated, especially if you want to make the guest bedroom a convenient place to stay in. Accessible plugs and outlets could also help prevent your guests from moving your furniture around because they are looking for the spot where they can charge their phones. Choose a strategic place for the electric outlet to ensure hassle-free access.

A garden office that is transitioned into a guest room is a great feature for modern homes. The garden structure makes your home more functional and an additional workspace gives you more productivity without dealing with the disturbance or foot traffic from the main house. Guest rooms are additional spaces that allow you to accommodate your visitors without the hassle of preparing an extra room in the house.

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