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How to Choose the Right Wooden Garden Office?

Wooden garden offices are great investments although they can be financially demanding. Nevertheless, having a wooden office away from your main house is a remarkable venture, especially if you want to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of your primary household. Working from home is becoming a very popular trend for most people and a garden office would certainly make a difference in your productivity and work environment. Most importantly, wooden garden offices boost the market value of your property if you plan to put it up for sale in the future.


The Benefits of Wooden Garden Offices

One of the most pressing questions to ask yourself is why should you invest in a wooden garden room or office? Homeowners discover the numerous benefits of owning a timber garden office, not just for work but for many other purposes. For instance, this space could be used as another liveable area which you can use as a garden studio, hobby room, and just somewhere you can unwind in privacy during your spare time.

Check out the top reasons why you should have a wooden garden office now:

Multiple Flexible Uses

Having a timber garden room or office is like having a multi-purpose space where you can do a multitude of activities aside from using it as a home office. Some turn a garden room into a games room, media room, music studio, and recreation space. It serves numerous purposes while you enjoy the privacy, away from the numerous nuisances and distractions of your main house.

More Space to Spare

Wooden garden offices are your spare room or space, thus you do not have to deal with a cramped or crowded corner inside your main house. Additional spaces are vital so that you have sufficient space where you can put all your important stuff or store documents and other items. Investing in a wooden garden room is so much better than building an expensive and lengthy extension in your primary residence.


Bespoke Customisation

You can certainly enjoy personalising and customising your garden office based on your personal needs, preferences, and style. Wooden garden offices come in various shapes and sizes and you can now find a wide range of designs for your garden room with wood species options of your choice. There are contemporary customised options for today’s garden rooms and offices made from wood materials. You can choose to install sound proofing, internal doors and walls, fit a sink, shower, or toilet, and so much more.

Useful and Timely

Wooden garden offices are functional, useful, and timely, thus you can stay here and use it all year round. Whether it is summer or the temperature drops below zero, garden rooms and offices are absolutely lucrative investments. In case you want to make it weatherproof, make sure you invest in superior insulation so that the garden office stays warm during winter and remains cool when the temperature spikes.

How Exactly Do You Choose Wooden Garden Offices?

Choosing a wooden garden room or office takes a lot of time, especially if you want to make a careful and thorough selection. There are important questions that you should ask yourself in order to come up with the best decision and investment:


1. How often will the garden office be used?

A frequently used wooden garden office should be sturdy and long-lasting, thus your answer will actually influence the building quality that’s best for your investment. If you are using the garden room or office on an occasional basis, then cheaper insulated materials will do. However, for year-round use, it is highly recommended that you use strong yet oftentimes more expensive materials for the construction of your garden office building.

2. What items are you going to place inside the office?

Know the different equipment, tools, supplies, and other essential items you are going to place inside the office as this will basically influence the size of the building. The more and bulkier materials you need to house, the bigger and larger the place you need should be.

3. How big is your garden?

The size of the wooden garden office would mainly depend on how much space you can allocate in your garden. If you have a wider and bigger space, then you can adjust the size of your garden room or office, extending if you have the space to accommodate a much bigger wooden structure.


Main Categories of Wooden Garden Offices

   *  Bespoke. This is a unique type of wooden garden office which is customised to match your own design or size. Property homeowners closely coordinate with an architect and contractor to come up with their personalised garden office.

   *  Modular. Wooden garden offices in this category are office spaces that may slightly vary, such as extra additional windows or movable doors.

   *  Off the Peg. This type of wooden garden room or office is showcased with a “pod” design, which is manufactured to a particular size and shape. Garden offices in this category are much cheaper and easier to make. Structures that could be customised or modified in the future are more expensive but bespoke is on the top of the list for financially demanding choices because it gives you the choice to maximise and choose the design, materials, and size.


Choosing the Insulation for Wooden Garden Offices

There are various parts and components of the house that could be insulated in order to optimize and boost the quality of the building. Windows and doors could be reinforced so that outside cold and heat do not penetrate the interiors of the garden office. This also applies to the exterior cladding, walls, and flooring of the wooden garden offices.

Choosing tputs you on the right track when making this sometimes expensive investment. Your choice determines the overall look and quality of your garden room or office, making it the best place where you can be productive or simply spend the time to unwind.

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