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Log Cabin Homes – For or Against?

Nowadays, the building of log cabin homes is on the rise in various parts of the world. From the very first log cabins in the UK, this type of wood structure has gained popularity in here and other locations around the globe. Moreover, log homes have evolved from the simple log upon log construction to log houses with fully-packed features and contemporary designs. Log houses have made a major comeback due to the numerous advantages that these types of houses have to offer. However, there are also a few drawbacks that make some people still doubtful about making a log house investment.


Top Reasons FOR Log Cabin Homes

Log houses could be your primary and permanent residence or just a holiday home that you go to on a particular season of the year. No matter what your log cabin is for, there are advantages in owning one. Here are some of the benefits of having your own log home:

Less Complicated, Less Requirements

You would surely need to comply with zoning requirements or building codes, depending on the county or area that the log house will be constructed. However, log cabin homes are primarily less complex to build, especially if you are building from scratch. For instance, you can check out some available log cabin kits. These packages usually have the comprehensive inclusion of materials, plans, and customer service assistance to help you build your log home, hassle-free. Some complete kits already have preassembled wood, floorboards, beams, doors, and windows.

More Affordable, More Savings

People who live in log cabin homes know the significant difference in their savings. There are licensed contractors or trades people that you can hire for the foundation and overall construction of the log structure. You can also refer to much cheaper log home kits if you think that you can do the construction on your own. This is another way of saving a significant amount of money through eradicating the expenses for professional fees and related charges. Conventional houses are more expensive because of the variety of materials used for the construction and the more complex design. Log homes are usually simpler and easier to build.


Simpler Lifestyle, Healthier Lifestyle

Most log cabin homes are conveniently located in the heart of nature, whether it is near the coastline or in the middle of the forest. The important thing is that log cabins are natural and made from sustainable materials. You reduce your carbon footprint, especially if you think about eliminating your use of eco-hazards and other substances. Living off the grid in your log home eradicates your use of fuel and sources of electricity that are not easily replenished. It also exposes you to fresh air and healthy food if you’re into organic gardening, and gives you a stress-free lifestyle in a tranquil environment.

Better Purchase, Better Investment

Buying one of the best log cabin homes is not just personally rewarding. It can also be financially beneficial, especially if you are converting your log house into a rental or holiday home. Check the location of the log home if you are hunting for one on the real estate market and planning to turn it into an investment property. Choose a location with a high volume of potential renters or holiday tourists in the area. Tourist destinations usually have log cabins in their listing and they rarely come up for sale but if they do, grab the opportunity right away. Log cabins for rent are great sources and generators of income.

It’s Your Dream Come True

Having a log home is a dream come true for some people. You may not exactly have one of those log cabin homes in the middle of nature but a simple log house in the back garden is an achievement. You can use it as a personal sanctuary, home office or playroom/activity room for the kids. Whatever your log house stands for, it is tangible proof that you are upgrading to a lucrative project and it’s definitely a plus factor.


Top Reasons AGAINST Log Cabin Homes

Log homes have their own weaknesses and letdowns, making some people doubtful and against investing on these wooden structures.

Risk of Vulnerability to the Elements

Logs or timbers are not indestructible. In fact, this type of construction material faces a lot of issues particularly with outdoor elements such as carpenter ants, beetles, and termites. This is a pressing and major issue with log cabin homes, however it is totally preventable. Reputable and trusted tradesmen in this field know the proper and right treatment for log homes that could avoid these problems.

Risk of Log Shrinkage

Wood generally shrinks or expands, depending on the outside environment as it tends to react to its surroundings for compatibility. Shrinkage may be obvious and could reach up to ½ inch to 3 inches. Most log cabin homes that experience shrinkage undergo continuous caulking in order to avoid any further problems that may follow. Caulking between the logs also prevents further shrinkage that jeopardizes the integrity of the log structure. There are also popping and cracking problems, especially when the logs are brand new.

Risk of Water Damage

Water marks and stains are quite common in log cabin homes especially if the structure has not been properly treated. Water peeps in through the gaps and there are instances when the chinking problem on the logs is due to the materials breaking down or rotting.


Risks of Living ‘Off the Grid’

There are two sides to living off the grid in your log house. For some people, log cabin homes are the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, for some people, living unplugged can be torturous. It all depends on the kind of lifestyle you prefer. The downside is that the absence of the usual conveniences of life could be too much for some and just perfect for others.

Knowing the pros and cons of log cabin homes is the first thing you need to do if planning for a log house investment. Does it make sense to buy or log home or otherwise? It all depends on what you want and need.

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