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Does Your Wooden Home Interior Make You Tired?

Most of us come back home looking to find an oasis of peace and relaxation after a hard working day. However, often we find chaos at home and the problem is not actually with the things placed out of order but rather the design of  wooden home interior. Here we provide you with some tips on how to make your interior peaceful enough not to make you tired.

An Uncluttered Interior - Not Necessarily A Modern One

In order to turn your interior into relaxation zone, it is important not to overcrowd it with completely different styles and things which has it looking like the proverbial Persian carpet. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that the only way to achieve this is to slavishly adhere to a modern minimalistic style like many of us tend to think. There are plenty of ways to create a neat, cosy and psychologically comfortable interior outside the framework of the minimalistic style.

The main principles you should follow when correcting your wooden home interior are the following:

   *  The colour scheme should consist of 3 colours, harmoniously combining with one another. The elements of the interior should be the colour shades of the dominating colours.

   *  It is recommended that you have only one 'geometrical feature' in wooden home interior: horizontal or vertical lines, square or any other geometrical shape imitation in the interior. This geometrical feature should ideally be reflected in the shape of the furniture as well as in the painting and decoration style of the rooms.

   *  If you want to insert a number of bright elements into a neutral and natural colour interior, a few details are enough: an interesting floor print, a bright carpet or a couple of big pictures.

Emphasise the Most Important Interior Elements

The first thing a guest should see on entering your wooden home are the essential and most significant elements of furniture and interior details. So, it is not recommended that you decorate the interior with a vast array of small elements, especially if you don’t use them every day. However, this in no way means that you can't place any souvenirs or other decorative small things on the shelves, surfaces, etc. Just try to make the space they occupy not very big. Also avoid a chaotic layout: do not place small things alone in a big space.

Keep Small Objects Behind Closed Doors

Nice small statuettes, kitchen utensils and other small objects need to be hidden in cabinets with opaque doors. When we look around us, we notice every tiny object around so even small spice jars or pepper pots placed on the table in a disorganised way make our visual memory disoriented and tired.

Make the Door Colour Match the Wall Colour

Doors are definitely not a main interior element. So, you should paint the doors the same colour as the colour of the walls is or at least a similar shade. In this way you will avoid drawing attention to unnecessary interior elements.

Relaxation - Natural Colours

Wooden elements, earth tones or other natural material elements in the interior have a positive relaxing effect on a person, whereas bright, dark or synthetic colours mostly have the opposite effect.  So leave some  timber details keeping the the authenticity of a log house when changing the interior.

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