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Information You Need to Know About Wooden Gazebo

Wooden gazebo is a feature which fits perfectly with any garden environment, moreover, it adds a touch of harmony to it – a garden can look unfinished without this feature. Gazebos can be made from a wide range of materials such as bricks, forged metal, logs etc; however, a   wooden   gazebo is often the most popular alternative.

As a rule, gazebos are positioned in the place where plants and flowers are most abundant. Possibly the most ideal place for a gazebo is one shielded from the wind by a hill slope or by a row of trees, while a playground or a small water pool can be made nearby. Wooden gazebo could be surrounded by a conifer garden or a rock garden, a rose garden, fruit trees or wild plants. For this purpose special green zones have been created: beds with evergreen plants and blooming flowers, and even Japanese or Chinese gardens which are becoming more and more popular. It is recommended that wooden gazebo is positioned so that the entrance faces an open space. It is also important to ensure that nearby noise, dust and fumes from passing vehicles do not disturb the gazebo and destroy the tranquillity. That's why wooden gazebo is usually divided from the road by hedges.

To choose the best place for the gazebo in the log cabin garden, it is important to take into account the position of the main house. You can use a wooden gazebo for a multiple of purposes: to get rest in the shadow on a hot summer’s day, to hide from the rain, or just to relax and enjoy the view of your garden. So, as a rule, a gazebo should be positioned in a place which faces the most beautiful view of your log cabin garden. A wooden gazebo itself also has to be visible from any corner of your garden. It is not recommended that the gazebo is positioned on 'bald' ground; the best places to position it are in corner of the plot, close to the plot boundary, close to the entrance to the plot or by the water pool. If you intend to spend a lot of time in a  wooden gazebo with friends drinking tea etc., it is better to position it close to the main house. It’s best to have both the gazebo and the house on the same level. If you have a hilly plot that you can do nothing about, a wooden gazebo can be positioned adjacent the main log cabin, on the ground floor, or on the hill. In the latter case, you can make a nice run to get to the top of the hill.

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