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Things You Need to Know about the Hedge

Garden log cabins are never complete without a hedge or hedgerow. Hedge refers to a line of shrubs that are closely spaced, planted, and trimmed to form a certain barrier or boundary mark. Some tree species are also used as hedges, depending on your preferred landscape. A log home increases its market value, curb appeal, and privacy if there are hedges surrounding the property.


The Relationship between Log Cabin and Hedges

Most log home gardens are accentuated with low, medium, and towering hedges. Contrary to the popular notion, these well-maintained shrubs and foliage come in a wide variety of plant species. To the question: what type of hedge is perfect for your log cabin? The answer would usually depend on the type of garden you cultivate and your needs for aesthetics, privacy, and other factors.

Here are some of the popular types of hedges for your log home garden:

Intruder Hedges

This type is perfect to deter intruders, nuisances, and even serious burglars. Intruder hedging is also called security hedging. It is one of the top choices of log cabin owners for guaranteed privacy and safety. Plant species that are ideal for this particular purpose usually have vicious thorns and could grow and reach the top of a wall or fence. Just by the mere look of it, intruder hedging could immediately discourage uninvited guests to your log cabin.

The following plant species are typically used for intruder hedging:

   *  Pyracantha/Firethorn. This is a best-selling species due to its dangerous thorns. This evergreen species however also has a contrasting feature such as its profuse berries and pretty fragrant flowers in yellow, orange or green.

   *  Dog Rose/Rosa Canina. This species is a spreading bush. Don’t let the beautiful pink or white rose flowers fool you though. Despite the red rose hips, this bush also abounds with extremely prickly thorns.


  *  Hawthorn/Quickthorn. Farm hedging popularly prefers this species with breathtaking bright leaves and lovely blossoms. In November, a Hawthorn hedge turns vibrantly red. It is a deciduous species but its strong branches and thorns make this species quite intimidating for potential intruders of your log cabin.

Evergreen Hedging

Most log home owners prefer evergreen hedges for a year-round privacy and boundary in lush green. Evergreens are more expensive than their deciduous counterparts. However, they offer a wide array of privacy and aesthetic perks ensuring they remain a popular choice among customers. This hedge type not only ensures your privacy and security, it can also conceal some unattractive portions of your log cabin garden or make a panoramic backdrop for your overall landscape.

Check out some of the popular species of evergreen hedges for your log cabin:

   *  Leylandii. This species grows quite fast and becomes dense foliage. The evergreen hedge is typically coloured dark green and blends with other elements in your garden.

   *  Cherry Laurel/Common Laurel. This evergreen plant is glossy and bright green in appearance. It is quite a remarkable pick if you want something that could withstand winter, is fast growing, and easy to grow.

  *  Privet. Just like other evergreen hedges, this species could virtually grow anywhere. It is fast growing despite its tendency to lose some of its leaves during cold winter season. Nevertheless, it is a great choice for your log cabin, keeping it free from air pollution and prying eyes.

Flowering Hedging

This is the best type of hedging if you want something ornamental and colourful. The hedge is absolutely more than an ordinary hedge or shrub offering privacy and security for your log cabin garden. It becomes an instant outdoor décor that enhances your property’s curb appeal.


These are the best choices for flowering hedges:

   *  Escallonia. This dark green evergreen foliage is fast growing. The best features of this flowering hedge are the head-turning flowers in various shades. Depending on the species, the hedge has blossoms in red, dark pink, white, or pale pink palettes.

  *  Viburnum Tinus. This particular species is quite unique because it is a winter flowering shrub. The beautiful blossoms highlight a cluster of white flowers with pink edges. It offers a picturesque aesthetic for your log cabin garden as it is also an evergreen species with blue berries.

  *  Cotoneater Franchetii. This hedge blooms with pale pink and pearl-sized flowers. The evergreen foliage showcases a rare sage green shade with red berries.

Coastal Hedging

Your garden cabin will definitely flourish with this type of attractive hedging. Hedges that thrive at the seaside are quite daunting to grow and cultivate. You need salt spray and winds to complete their maintenance. Your log home location, particularly its proximity to the beach, cliff, or sea is a determining factor in whether to invest in this hedge type or not.

Here are some of the popular species for coastal hedging:

   *  Griselinia. The bright apple green leaves of this gorgeous coastal evergreen are a good pick for your hedges. However, it is not an ideal choice for log homes in cold areas.

  *  Euonymus Japonica. This species comes in varieties with variegated leaves. The typical colours of the leaves include silver and gold.

   *  Oleaster. This is the type of hedge species that you must have if you are in or close to a coastal area. The evergreen foliage, whose leaves have dark green colour, becomes more attractive with its silver underside. Some species have orange berries and small grey flowers.

Hedges for Windy Locations

A log cabin garden hedge is also a practical and effective protection against strong winds and natural elements. There are species that are ideal for windy locations or areas. Some of these hedges are evergreens while others are deciduous. A good hedge offers full wind protection on level ground.


Take a look at this hedging species that are perfect for log homes in windy areas:

   *  Field Maple. The deciduous foliage boasts of its thick butter yellow leaves.

  * Yew. This is a slow growing species but its super dense dark green leaves offer superior performance.

Hedges are vital elements of a log cabin garden. These shrubs or tree species are remarkable protection from people and nature. They also make your log home more visually attractive from the outside.

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