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The Heating System in A Residential Log Cabin / Garden Office

As it is getting colder and colder outside, we’ve decided in this article to talk about heating. However, here we don’t intend to write about how to heat the house in the most cost effective way, instead we'll focus on how to heat your residential log cabin or garden office in order to make it cozy and warm all year around; in particular, we'll focus on electric heating systems. Electric heating is usually chosen for its reliability. It can function as the main heating source or as an additional one. The systems which employ electrical energy are not usually complicated and rarely break down. This type of heating can be easily programmed and adjusted.

The Advantages of Electric Heating.

Electric heaters do not emit smoke around the house and the surrounding area and do not require any preparation such as the collecting of firewood. Electric heating is also safe; there’s very little risk of explosion or poisonous fumes. It is a very good solution for those who value an easy to understand control system, intend to avoid any danger and want to save some additional square metres in their residential log cabin. Electric heating can be easily installed. Energy saving heaters with the newest solutions regarding temperature control can be found almost anywhere now. Such heaters are a perfect solution for wooden houses.

What Is the Cost of Heating A Residential Log Cabin?

The main concern for many of us is the heating expenses during the coldest months. If the building area is around 40m2, the most cost effective way of heating is to use firewood. In this case electrical heating cost would be similar to that of natural gas heating. No doubt a fireplace would add a wonderful touch to your garden cabin interior, however, it would be quite an expensive project and not everyone is fond of chopping firewood, cleaning the chimney etc. Of course, having a fireplace has its disadvantages, for example often fumes are emitted which can be off-putting for some. That's why many people claim that electric heating is a really good solution which has to be taken into consideration. It is also important to bear in mind the fact that properly insulated walls, floor and roof contribute a lot to keeping warmth inside the log house. Great winter discounts on Twin Skin Insulated log cabins.

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