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Alto – The perfect residential log cabin

Residential log cabins are among the best of the houses to live and spend time in a relaxing and cosy environment. These cabins have excellent designs and offer luxurious and comfortable living conditions. The best of the residential log cabins are a milieu of style, attractiveness, utility, strength, durability and comfort. Alto is the perfect example of how a residential log cabin should be and is a fantastic combination of all the necessary ingredients that make a residential log cabin the best in the class.

Residential log cabin with terrace

Alto – the versatile residential log cabin

Alto is not a typical residential log cabin with limited use. It is a versatile building that has multiple applications and can be used for several purposes. It is indeed a fantastic cabin that can be used as a residence, but it can also be used as a gymnasium or as a dining room to dine with your loved ones.

This multipurpose cabin is a remarkable structure that delivers an unmatched and superior experience. The terrace of the cabin is perfectly designed to spend time with friends and family on a sunny afternoon. Alto is a sophisticated residential log cabin that delivers comfortable and relaxed living environment.

Wood quality

Made from the slow growing Scandinavian Spruce or Nordic Pine, Alto represents the traditional European log house and is the best example of wooden house craftsmanship. The wood for the cabin is sourced right from the birthplace of log cabins and the design and style are symbolic of the great tradition of European log homes. The Scandinavian Spruce or Nordic Pine used for building Alto is highly durable, resistant to the extreme weather and provides a natural resistance to rot and mould.

Residential log cabin made of scandinavian spruce

The fine quality timber ensures a long life for the cabin and less wear and tear. The thickness of 44mm is perfect for a lightweight and yet robust house. The high-quality wood reduces noise and improves the insulation of the house keeping it warm naturally without the need to use heating apparatus. The resistance to the rot helps maintain the strength and durability of the wood.

The design and structure

Alto residential log cabins have heavy duty floor barriers which ensure that the cabins have a firm and stable base to support the building. The cabin includes a veranda which is apt for relaxing just outside the house. It gives the cabin a cosy and relaxed look and feel. Its design gives the impression of a luxurious cottage complete with an external space to rest.

The cabin has double glazed windows that effectively reduce noise and improve the insulation of the cabin. The cabin can be bought with high quality German 5 chamber PVC doors and windows instead of wooden framed doors and windows. Bitumen red and green shingles are used to cover the roof. Alto residential log cabins follow all building regulation guidelines and adhere to the statutory compliance norms.

Design of the residential log cabin

Technical Specifications

Alto log house have a total area of 31.2 square metres and are made using natural Scandinavian Spruce or Nordic Pine. These wood types are certified as natural wood. The thickness of the walls is 44mm. The external dimensions of the cabins are 600cm width and 520cm depth. Additionally, the veranda has a depth of 150cm. The internal dimensions are 577cm width and 497cm depth.

The roof and floor are made of tongue and groove boards with 20mm thickness, and the total area of the roof is 36 square metre. The height of the eaves is 209cm and of the ridge is 285cm. The total number of rooms in the cabin is 3. The cabin has 4 doors that have dimensions of 85cm (width) X 192cm (height). The cabin features 5 windows. Two of these have dimensions of 138cm (width) X 140cm (height) and three have dimensions of 90cm (width) X 36cm (height).

Exterior of the residential log cabin

Value for money

Alto residential log cabins offer the best value for the money you pay. These cabins come with an anti-rot warranty of 10 years. The buyers can either assemble these cabins themselves or can request our partners for installation services, the charges of which will be paid directly to them.

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