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  • Customer Story: AJ, Kris & Their Dreamy Blue Haven Studio Lodge in London

    Seeing our products come to life and serve our customers to their highest potential is always a rewarding experience for us. By sharing these stories, we will hopefully inspire you to go for your dreams by implementing your own wooden cabin project. Our customers AJ & Kris have decided to create their private relaxation oasis in the garden space, which could also serve as an Airbnb property in Greater London and chose as their partner for this project. At the beginning of 2021, AJ & Kris have ordered a twin-skin version of our log cabin ISLA. They felt that their garden space had so much potential to become a centre of attraction for cosy evenings with family and friends and eventually evolve into a profitable business opportunity, bringing new connections an… (More)
  • Top 5 Mistakes When Building Your Log Cabin Foundation

    Have you ever heard someone saying “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation” or “You are as solid as what you build on”? The word “foundation” is used so very often metaphorically but such sayings come from literal facts. The foundation really is the most important part of the building. This is why we want to tell you more about log cabins foundations. We have already discussed types of log cabins foundations and some finishing details. However, we also want to cover the most common mistakes when building a foundation for your log cabin. One little slip could affect your future log cabin very negatively, cause structural or even respiratory problems. Having a lot of experience with log cabins, we want to share some tips and maybe he… (More)
  • Log Cabin Insulation: The Rewarding Benefits For Your Daily Life

    Have you ever dreamt of a cosy and warm wooden log cabin with a crackling fireplace? Or maybe you have been recently contemplating getting yourself a nice garden room, studio, fitness space or a workshop that you could comfortably use all-year-long? If you want to have some more personal space in the garden, where you could feel utmost comfort at all times, getting an insulated log cabin could be the best decision you could make. Wondering, how warm a log cabin can actually be during wintertime? We can assure you that with proper insulation, it stays extremely warm and cosy during all seasons of the year. Precise insulation of your cabin’s walls, roof and floors with prime quality insulation materials in addition to double-glazed windows and doors can guarantee high levels of energy… (More)
  • Do I need planning permission

    You are thinking about getting a garden room. What kind of model should I choose? A log cabin, a SIPs building, classic or contemporary design? Maybe I should get twin skin, do I need to install utilities? These are all serious questions but they can still be pretty fun to think about. However, one thing you must not forget is planning permission. No one likes bureaucracy much, we get that. However, you don’t want to build a garden room without planning permission just to have your local planning authority asking you to take it down after a few months, right? You need to be aware when you need one and when you do not. We want to help you. When do you need planning permission? In England, people usually need planning permissions when they are building something new, making a maj… (More)
  • Product Pricing Changes Due to Timber Shortage and Soaring Prices Worldwide

    Dear Customers, The last year has brought many substantial changes in our living & purchasing habits. COVID situation has resulted in more time spent at home, which has notably increased the construction, gardening and home improvement activity, influencing the grown demand for timber products and materials. With the apparent trend of people spending more time at home, the need for a functional home extension, secondary residence or remote working space has also increased. However, a massive scarcity of construction materials, including timber, has unfortunately had a strong influence on the prices of prefabricated wooden buildings as well. The undergoing market fluctuations have shifted the balance of supply and demand as a whole. The issue was drastically complicated by a sequen… (More)
  • Useful and Effective Tips for Painting A Wooden House

    Painting houses may look like an easy job, more so when you see people doing it in videos. It seems like all you have to do is grab a brush, dip it in paint and get to work. Well, you could do this, but without the necessary preparations, the work would look sloppy. While you can treat wooden buildings like conventional homes, you get better results when you focus on the material in use. Wood differs from other materials, and you must account for this in your preparations. Below, you will find tips essential to painting a wooden house. Wood Preparation Here is the thing. While paint will give the house a new look, it will not do much for some imperfections in the wood. An example would be where the wood has some cracks, holes, or other such physical weaknesses. In this case, the house w… (More)
  • How to Make Perfect Ventilation In Your Summer Wooden House?

    Without proper ventilation in summer houses, you put your health at risk. This owes to the creation of a breeding environment for all kinds of organisms. Lack of adequate air circulation is evident when houses do not smell fresh. If this happens, it is highly likely that the spaces you have in the house are not sufficient. Now, you have two choices in this case. You can go for a full system like what you would use in a conventional home. Alternatively, you can invest in vents to allow the natural circulation of air. The latter is the best option when dealing with garden buildings, and this article will shed some light on this issue. Ventilation Variations You need vents in your garden building as they aid in the removal of heat and moisture from your space. This ensures that the space… (More)
  • A Wooden Summer House Maintenance Guide

    Wooden summer houses are amazing spaces to which people retreat during one season or another. The ambiance of these houses also makes them ideal for use throughout the year. If you wish to maintain the aesthetic value of these homes, proper maintenance is very important. It is only in this way that you can get value for your money and get a reasonable resale price when the time comes. Read on as to how you should maintain these spaces: Inspection When the house is new, there is not much work when it comes to repairs. For this reason, people neglect inspections and only start conducting them when trouble comes calling. Well, you do not need to postpone inspections until you see cracks on the walls or mildew on the roof. Start now by inspecting the exterior and interior at least once a… (More)
  • Everything You Need to Know About Planning When Installing A Garden Shed

    If you want to install a shed in your garden, there is a lot that you should consider. It takes more than ordering a shed or building one for you to have this shed in place. You have to think about where you will place the shed and how this works concerning zoning rules. Talking to the relevant authorities goes a long way in this case. Below are some of the determinants that come into play during the planning phase: Considerations What are your needs? People install garden sheds (more information about garden cabins) for various reasons. Some do so in search of more storage space; others want working stations while others want to build outdoor saunas. There are many ways in which you can enjoy a shed, and you probably have an idea in mind. The next phase is to think about this idea an… (More)
  • How To Increase Bathroom Storage Space

    Many people complain that they lack adequate bathroom storage space in their log cabins. While your bathroom may be smaller than your needs call for, you can always create more room. It all comes down to organising the space and making some changes to the hardware in place. Use everything you have in the room to your advantage. And while you’re at it, be sure to avoid cluttering the space such that it feels busy. How can you do this? Well, below are some of the steps you can take to increase your storage space. Step One: Arrange the Cabinet Space More often than not, people lose small items in the bathroom cabinets. They end up spending a lot of time looking for these items, and this can leave them frustrated. Also, small items often make a cabinet look disorganised and are hard to reach… (More)