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An insulated garden cabin as an extraordinary bamboo spa in Anduze, France

A more unique take that also makes a lot of sense – that’s how we’d describe Aurélie’s idea of creating a spa amongst a sea of breathtaking greenery. Let us introduce the wellness center "L'Essence Bambou", created by using our insulated 12 m² garden cabin POOLHOUSE. This compact and light structure helped Aurélie execute her idea perfectly, and now she enjoys the great customer reviews she receives consistently.

While you revel in the beauty of the following pictures, maybe you’ll get some ideas of how our models can be incorporated into different environments – not just gardens or backyards!

Looking for the right fit

Upon getting to know how "L'Essence Bambou" came about, Aurélie revealed that it took her a month to compare our assortment to what was offered on other websites. Ultimately, she chose this one, as she fell in love with the details of the design. For example, the shape of the windows was just right, and they also featured double glazing, which lets her customers appreciate the view of the bamboo during the sauna sessions.

The most important criteria for the owner was the high-quality of the new purchase and good thickness of the wood, so that the building can be insulated. Fortunately, most of our buildings have several insulation options.

Making garden cabin POOLHOUSE into a zen-like attraction

The model didn’t arrive as it is now in the pictures, as we offer prefabricated buildings with no furniture, however, it was a great blueprint for Aurélie’s ideas. From the technical side, she insulated the roof and glazed it, so that no heat could escape through it and the spa would save more energy. Next, in her words, she “created a zen atmosphere inside”, which entailed adding elements of greenery to the walls, cosy curtains, comfortable furniture, and a sauna that lit up from the inside. What is more, the outdoor area wasn’t forgotten either – a number of potted plants and a sofa greets every customer.

I am proud of it and my customers are too.” - Aurélie

The satisfying assembly day

Once the prefabricated model arrived at the location, Aurélie built it with the help of her dad. We’re pleased to hear that the whole process went well, and they didn’t encounter any problems. This is usually the case with more compact structures – little expertise is required to install the building yourself or gather a small team of family and friends for more efficient work.

More ways to incorporate relaxing saunas into your plans

While a sauna can be installed into one of our models, you’ll find more options on our website. For example, the traditional outdoor sauna ELDA line comes in many sizes – so does the modern DELLA, which features vertical cladding and some extra facilities in the layouts. These are only a few of the examples worth checking out!

If you’d like to start your own project, give a call to our experts at 02070994301, and we’ll make your vision to become an impressive business or a family affair a reality!


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