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A welcoming family vacation oasis in the city of Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Germany)

You can truly feel when people put their heart into something – this special project featuring our wooden house AGATA was no exception.

Our customer Janine and her family with 3 children, including the dog Rosie and the cat Tiger, were looking for a cosy summer house that would fit a roomy kitchen area and be spacious enough to enjoy frequent social evenings. Our small wooden house AGATA, with a functional loft area, appeared to be the model they’d been looking for.

After evaluating several supplier options online, the family decided to choose to implement their dream summer house project.

“ has become our go-to choice, as it featured a superb price/performance ratio, and we liked the design of the houses offered. Once we contacted the company, we quickly came to an agreement. We are happy with our choice and would choose a product again without hesitation.” – Janine

The utmost attention to detail

Every detail counts when you want to achieve exquisite comfort and create a welcoming space. The main purpose was to ensure the utmost cosiness, and we believe it was achieved successfully.

One can’t help but notice the amazing pool in front of the wooden house – the two make a truly exquisite space for lounging and spending joyful moments in the summer. A rotating fireplace is another feature that could – quite literally – make the heads turn as it adds so much cosiness and style to the interior. Each corner of the house seems to be handled with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

“We placed great value on cosiness, therefore, in addition to other features, we also installed a rotating fireplace. What is more, we have arranged a solar system on the roof to heat our stainless-steel pool.” – Janine

Your individual needs - our top priority

To adapt the building to the customer’s specific needs, we were asked to make some changes to the original model. And we delivered without hesitation!

The bedroom was transformed into a common sitting area – to make this happen, the wall needed to be removed. Janine has shared that this went very smoothly with Pineca’s design team.

Another upgrade was the metal roof covering, adding retro vibes to the overall construction. Thus, the bespoke project, involving cooperation between our architects and the customer, turned out to be amazing!

DIY assembly? For sure!

When it comes to the implementation of our projects, we are always curious about the construction part as well. We were excited to hear that the product assembly was successfully completed by the customers themselves, with the help of their friends and family. The customers’ friend, a professional carpenter, was willing to curate the entire construction process and help with the building assembly substantially. Only the base plate was installed by a specialist company.

“The entire process would have taken way more time without the help of our friend. We are glad that he was able to help us substantially. We also had the roof installed by another friend of ours” – Janine.

The stories of our products coming to life and becoming vibrant spaces of cosiness, joy, and comfort bring us undeniable motivation to move forward and continue serving our customers to the fullest.

We hope you found inspiration in this customer story and will finally bring your dream to life as well!


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