4 Best Wooden Garden Studios

Getting a high-quality garden studio is a great way to enhance the aesthetics and practicality of your garden. You can use your garden studio as a home office, a craft studio or as a relaxaing place. Such set-ups add onto the beauty of your garden, and you will soon notice the envious glances of your allies and neighbors when they see the studio.

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Many factors go into influencing the suitability of a garden studio for your garden, and we are here to take you through four of the best designs on the market. We will take a look at different sizes and what they have to offer you regarding features.

One thing considered was the ease of purchase, and as such, we provided models sold by retailers available throughout the UK to make the buying process simple.

The designs featured on our list are guaranteed to give you value for your money, have fantastic build quality, are durable and are compelling with regards to aesthetics. We focused on designs which have smaller dimensions as compared to ornate log cabins, but are still big enough to provide adequate workspace in the interior. Last but not least, we paid close attention to how stylish the studios are because looks do matter in this case.
Our all garden studios can be found here.

Wooden Garden Studio 17' x 10' (5m x 3m)

Garden Studio

If you are lacking much space and are in the market for a studio with plenty of lighting, this set-up will work for you. With dimensions of 5 meters by 3 meters, this studio takes up very little garden space while providing you with the adequate workspace. You can use it for a vast range of activities.


The structure gets made of SIPs panels, and it has dimensions of 4.75 meters by 2.75 meters in the interior. The garden room comes with doors and windows made of UPVC to optimally regulate temperatures in the interior.

You will be happy to know that the structure cannot absorb moisture which keeps mold and fungi at bay, thereby adding onto its durability. Both the interior and exterior have tongue and groove boards, giving a perfect finish to your garden addition.

Get hold of this fantastic wooden garden studio at https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/garden-rooms/garden-room-17x10.html at the best price on the market.

Wooden Garden Studio 20' x 10' (6m x 3m)

Wooden Garden Studio

For people who love working from the comfort of their homes, this garden room works like a charm. Available in the dimensions of 6 meters by 4 meters, this studio provides adequate room for your workspace. The internal workspace measures 5.75 meters by 2.75 meters.


Thanks to the use of SIPs technology in its manufacture, you can use this structure during all seasons without the need for added thermal regulation. This technology is also environmentally-friendly as it does not release toxins or allergens into the atmosphere.

As is the case with the Garden room 17' x 10' (5m x 3m), this studio comes with windows and doors made of UPVC. The walls get made of OSB boards whose thickness can get changed on request. These boards are quite light, and you need not reinforce the base upon installation.

The interior has an excellent look, thanks to the use of wood trim as a finish. For safety purposes, a fire retardant treatment gets conducted on the walls before delivery.

Grab hold of it at https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/garden-rooms/garden-office-studio-20x10.html.

Wooden Garden Studio 20' x 13' (6m x 4m)

Garden Studio for Sale

If you are in search for something much bigger than the two structures mentioned above, feast your eyes upon this studio, which you can use as a spare bedroom, a home office, a craft room or your desired purpose with ease thanks to its big size.


This studio has PVC doors and windows to ensure that the interior stays warm even in cold weather. Thanks to this feature, you can use it as an extra bedroom or office. The structure looks and feels modern. If you wish to change this bit about it, you can get a wooden trim finish to allow it to blend in with your garden.

The walls are 120 millimeters thick, which you can change the thickness to fit your preferences. They are resistant to both fire and moisture, adding to the safety and durability of the structure.

Though the standard finishes for the interior are wooden trim, you are free to choose your preferred materials.

It is available at https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/garden-rooms/garden-room-6x4.html at the best price.

Wooden Garden Studio 23' x 13' (7m x 4m)

wooden garden studio for sale

For an even bigger garden studio than the Garden room 20' x 13' (6m x 4m), we have this structure that can serve a wide range of activities including gym space. Its interior dimensions are 6.75 meters by 3.75 meters. So spacious is this room that you can opt to use it as a guest house.


SIPs technology comes into play in the manufacture of this structure, resulting in a thermally regulated interior. The panels used are light, thus doing away with the need for base reinforcement, and they are easy to put together.

It comes in a quite beautiful shape with an allowance for many windows, thus resulting in a modern look which blends in with your garden. You are free to choose the finishes you like best.

Get your studio at https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/garden-rooms/garden-office-23x13.html.

Why Best Wooden Garden Studios?

Thermal regulation

All these studios have integrated SIPs technology in their manufacture. Thus, you are assured of continuous insulation.


With SIPs technology in use, the structures are resistant to moisture and as such; you need not worry about rot and mold. The panels used in the rooms are fire retardant, and the roofs are made of EPDM to protect the interior from rain.

When compared to similar structures made of timber members, these rooms are seven times stronger. The rooms come with a ten year warranty period.


The installation process is quite fast and straightforward, thanks to the light weight of the panels used.

Environmental friendliness

The panels used do not emit any toxins into the atmosphere. They are also free of allergens.

You should expect the delivery to take a period of between four to six weeks. The price you pay will cater for the delivery as well as taxes, offloading and double glazing.

When it comes to garden studios, no one does it better than Quick Garden!

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