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  • 8 Myths About Log House Floor Heating

    Though floor heating is becoming more and more popular in a log house, but there are still some myths which present floor heating as an expensive way of heating and even harmful to people and their pets' health. Here are 8 myths about floor heating:    1  Floor Heating is Expensive In fact, floor heating is the cheapest heating system out of all the heating systems that are currently available. If the floor heating system is installed correctly in a log house and is regulated by thermostats, the room temperature can be reduced by 1-5 degrees, hence reducing heating costs. However, it is very important that the floor heating system is made in a professional manner, otherwise you won't save much.    2  Harmful to People’s Health There is no evidence that floor heating systems have any n… (More)
  • 9 Reasons Why Wooden House Should Be Treated with Antiseptics

    Wood is a natural product and the rotting of wood is a biochemical process which leads to a reduction in wood mass and volume. Wood also changes colour as its mechanical features weaken, resulting in gradual wood deterioration. This process can be stopped when a healthy tree is cut down and turned into building timber. That's why timber as a building material needs to be protected from the weather elements to prevent your residnetial log cabin from deteriorating. Here are 9 reasons why it is necessary to treat the wood with wood antiseptics.    1  Wood Antiseptics Prevent the Wood from Rotting Wood is a material of biological origin, and is used for multiple purposes such as fuel, building material, as a raw material, and food for certain microorganisms. That's why the requirements for w… (More)
  • Original Ideas of Outside Stairs for Garden Cabin

    Garden stairs are a good solution when you need to connect 2 zones of different height. Garden stairs made in a creative way add a decorative touch to your garden. It not only adds to the aesthetics of your garden log cabin surroundings, it’s also very practical.   Not Just for Slopes A completely flat landscape is a rare thing to come across and usually areas with a slight or significant incline are quite frequent in one's garden. Sometimes a couple of garden stairs are enough to make a comfortable transition from a lower zone to a higher zone, while sometimes you may need more stairs; for example, when the house and the garden are situated on different levels. Stairs of garden cabin can also be constructed on a completely flat surface. Making a few artificial slopes… (More)
  • Log Home Garden Care in Autumn: What Do I Do with the Leaves?

    Every log home owner knows that as autumn approaches you need to clean your garden in order to successfully prepare for winter and spring. Whether it is necessary to rake from the lawn, sweep a patio or a yard, unblock rain pipes – as the leaves start to fall it becomes a daily job. As can be said for many jobs in your garden, in order to rake leaves you need the correct equipment. There are several types of tools available which take into account the area that needs to rake as to whether it's a garden with tall grass, lawn or yard you’re dealing with around your log home. When tidying your lawn the most practical way is to use a wide range rake with short flexible rods. However, this is not suitable for raking taller grass as the short rods can't get at the deeper leaves in the undergro… (More)
  • A Well Near the Garden Cabin: The Most Important Aspects

    Every owner of a garden cabin wish to grow something (cucumbers, tomatos, herbs and alike). Probably everybody knows that it is hard to grow good vegetables in the garden if there is not enough water supply. So, what can you do if it is a long way to the nearest pond and you don’t have a centralised water supply close at hand? There is a solution and one that it is quite easy to come by. The answer in this situation is to install a well. According to their construction type, wells can be classified into boreholes, tubular wells and traditional wells dug by hand. Before proceeding with a well installation, it is very important to find a site near the garden cabin where the water comes closest to the surface. This can be done in several ways. In order to find such a site, some peo… (More)
  • An Original Floor Idea for Your Log Cabin

    Log cabin interior perhaps is the most interesting part of log cabin installation. Interior finishing requires just a little bit of your imagination. We all know, that wood is the main material used here, but how to create original surroundings? Our advice is to concentrate into one detail - ceiling, walls, windows, doors or flooring. Every such a part of a log cabin can become the most beautiful accent. But we will talk about the floor and share the ideas with you in this article. Flooring is one of the most important elements of the house interior. If they are simple and unprepossessing - we only walk them. Then we are not really thinking that flooring can be a stylish log home interior component giving beauty, coziness and warmth. Different interior experts unanimously agree that wood… (More)
  • Paths Ideas for Various Garden Cabins

    Probably the most traditional way to decorate a path of various garden cabins is to pave it with stones. However, to make it more original, you could also make lawn paths, paths from tree bark, pave them with crushed stones, small granite or gravel, concrete slabs or flagstones, bricks or slate. Lawn Paths Lawn paths can be a very subtle decoration near different garden cabins. However, they need to be mowed frequently and they get dirty after the rain. Paths from Tree Bark Paths made from tree bark are very cost-effective and easy to make. However, they are not recommended for large area. Too much of tree bark does not look aesthetically attractive, moreover, tree bark paths need to be renewed regularly as the lowest layers of tree bark start rotting after some time.… (More)
  • Some Ideas for Creating A Small Log Cabin Garden

    Do you have a small log cabin garden and want to create a beautiful environment in it? It is very easy to create a small garden if you know how to use each square foot properly. A small garden near the log cabin can feature the same unique qualities and style as bigger gardens. So, in fact, your creative ideas can be applied to any size yard. Creating a small garden in a small yard could be quite an easy and pleasant task if you follow some simple advice. First, it is important to focus on details and to make a clear planning. The main idea underlying the creation of a small neat garden in your yard is to create an illusion of larger space. The simplest way to achieve it is to include the colours from your house exterior into the garden colours so that they would blend harmon… (More)
  • Creating A Small River Near Your Residential Log Cabin

    From all the ways to create a water island in your garden near residential log cabin, a small river with miniaturist waterfalls could be one of the most creative approaches. Usually, natural landscape rivers can be up to one thousand years old, however, you can make one per several months. This time is necessary for the plants to blossom while the river itself can be dug up per one day. Slope. To make the river prattle in a nice way, you’ll need to reinforce the water stream – to make cascades. The cascades can be made either lower or higher, even small waterfalls can be created. Landscape specialists do not advise to make cascades too high, not to stand out from general environment. The best thing is if cascades blend harmonically with the environment. Drainage system. It is important… (More)
  • Log Cabin Treatment

    We all know that wood is natural and very sensitive material. It is easily attacked by various pests and affected by environmental factors. Rodents and other insects not only assemble the structure of the wood, but also spoils its texture. Most of pests leave holes in the boards and the log cabin collapse in time. When talking about the impact of weather, the biggest damage is done by direct sunlight and moisture excess. One factor spoils the appearance of the exterior, causes cracks and fades the natural color of the timber. Humidity is the second factor responsible for mold, fungi and rot. They can soak deeply into the wood and soften it. Then all the constructions will certainly collapse in a short time period. Why because special maintenance is necessary. A well main… (More)
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