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Log Home Garden Care in Autumn: What Do I Do with the Leaves?

Every log home owner knows that as autumn approaches you need to clean your garden in order to successfully prepare for winter and spring. Whether it is necessary to rake from the lawn, sweep a patio or a yard, unblock rain pipes – as the leaves start to fall it becomes a daily job.

As can be said for many jobs in your garden, in order to rake leaves you need the correct equipment. There are several types of tools available which take into account the area that needs to rake as to whether it's a garden with tall grass, lawn or yard you’re dealing with around your log home.

When tidying your lawn the most practical way is to use a wide range rake with short flexible rods. However, this is not suitable for raking taller grass as the short rods can't get at the deeper leaves in the undergrowth. In this case it’s best to use a multi-purpose rake with supports which prevents a rake from going into the ground. For narrow areas, such as a flowerbed, you should go for a small leaf rake.

If you need to collect the leaves in the yard, on the playground or on the lane where there is no grass, it’s probably better to use a broom or an outdoor use brush rather than a rake. Do not forget to remove leaves and twigs from rain pipes of the log home. There are special brushes available with long bristles and a special inclination angle for this kind of work. These allow you to carry out the cleaning work safely standing on the ground.

What to Do with the Collected Leaves?

Gathered leaves can serve you well in the garden - don’t throw them in the bin. In particular, they can be composted. After selecting an appropriate walled place which protects the leaves from wind, you can leave them to rot over the winter. In spring you’ll be left with the finest natural fertiliser for all types of soil. The leaves turn into a good fertiliser over several years, so from time to time it is worth stirring the leaves and even watering them so that they compost evenly.

Year-old leaves can be used as mulch which protects flowers or saplings from frost. Mulch can be used as a fertiliser when planting trees and bushes. Of course, you need to make sure that the leaves used for mulching are not diseased, otherwise you could infect your plants.

If you have a vegetable garden next to your  log house, then leave the leaves on the ground - in the cold season, they will break down naturally. In this way the soil will be naturally fertilised.

Raking Leaves is Good for You

Raking leaves is like an outdoor sport. While hoeing the leaves in the garden or yard you use your legs and hands, moving the entire body.

Raking can be applied to a couple of specific exercises. Rake up the leaves in small patches, do not rake a large area in one go. Stepping from one patch to another is better than standing and working only with your arms. Another exercise - hand movement change, for instance rake the leaves that are close around you, then try to reach leaves further away, you can change the position where you hold the rake and in this way, collecting the leaves won't be so boring and it will train more arm muscles. But remember not to overdo it.

Assuming all this, autumn is a great season, that do not let sit for you in one place and do nothing. If not the leaf raking, then there will always be other works to do around your log home till the winter comes. However, when the ground covers with white snow - you will be able to have a rest and prepare for next year`s work.

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