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An Original Floor Idea for Your Log Cabin

Log cabin interior perhaps is the most interesting part of log cabin installation. Interior finishing requires just a little bit of your imagination. We all know, that wood is the main material used here, but how to create original surroundings? Our advice is to concentrate into one detail - ceiling, walls, windows, doors or flooring. Every such a part of a log cabin can become the most beautiful accent. But we will talk about the floor and share the ideas with you in this article.

Flooring is one of the most important elements of the house interior. If they are simple and unprepossessing - we only walk them. Then we are not really thinking that flooring can be a stylish log home interior component giving beauty, coziness and warmth. Different interior experts unanimously agree that wooden floor has these mentioned advantages.

What to Choose?

Every type of wood has its own color, marks and letters. Cherry, birch, maple, pine, alder, beech, oak, walnut - are most commonly used for flooring in a log cabin. The choice depends on the shade you wish to give to the interior. However, all of them can be combined together in many different ways creating mosaics or various patterns.

How to Maintain?

In order to keep wooden floor long lasting, it is necessary to take care of them constantly. When cleaning the floor you will not only remove the dust and sweeps, but also clear all bacteria founded in the gaps. Such flooring must be cleaned with a dry rag and the surface can not be left wet. Use only special cleaning and protective measures. Make sure that there will lay a rug at each outside door and the ends of furniture legs should be upholstered with felt to protect the flooring from scratches.

There Are Some Flooring Ideas:

Lack an idea how to make an original floor? Our customer Andy from Birmingham sent us a picture which we would like to share with you. Have you ever seen anything similar before? - We haven't. Both simple & individual indeed!

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