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8 Tips for Instaling A Bathroom in A Residential Log Cabin

A bathroom is a space which needs to be kept clean and tidy. The question often arises as to how to combine so many elements such as a toilet, a bath, a sink, curtains and a carpet in a neat and interesting way in your residential log cabin. Below are some tips on how to do exactly that.

1. Every Object Has Its Place

The location of every object in the bathroom needs to be carefully chosen. To achieve harmony within the bathroom interior it’s a very good idea to divide the bathroom into functional zones. You can do this yourself, just take a sheet of paper and lay out the main bathroom objects on it, don’t forget the small accessories as they are just as important. The next step is to choose appropriate lighting, floor covering and interior colours.

2. What is Better ‒ A Bath or A Shower?

This is a question one frequently asks oneself when creating a bathroom space. The majority of people think that a shower is the most cost-effective option. However, a bath provides a great opportunity to relax after a hard day. So, it should be one's personal decision.

3. A Choice of Colours and Print

The choice of the interior colours is important when one chooses the room colours, however, the importance of picking the right colours is usually overlooked when it comes to the bathroom. It is recommended that the bathroom follows the same style. A sense of lightness and airiness can be achieved through light colours, tiny and uniform ornaments and print. To make one or several walls more prominent choose a bright symbol or print. Also, one should have in mind that dark colours visually reduce the space while light colours give the perception of space.

4. The Sink

The space under the sink is often ignored, however, you can use it in the most useful way for example place a small shelf there to store towels, cosmetics, etc.

5. Lighting

The best source of lighting in the bathroom is a window ‒ natural light. However, if your room doesn’t offer the opportunity to have one or if it’s too small ‒ choose bulbs that spread warm light. A mirror can also help to distribute the light. Don’t forget to attach a source of light over the mirror. One of the best solutions is to install halogen bulbs in the bathroom ceiling.

6. Floor

Often people don’t pay a lot of attention to the bathroom floor. So, you could have a plain floor with no print. The best solution is to have light colour shining tiles. If you use a bath mat, put it on the edge of the bath or shower when you’ve finished. The bathroom interior will look neater that way.

7. Doors

It is not recommended to have the doors opening inwards. If the choice is open to you, have the doors opening outwards or sliding doors. It will help to stop mould growing in the bathroom because they provide better ventilation. Try to use the doors in the rmost effective way ‒ for example attach some hooks on them to hang bathrobes, towels, etc.

8. Bathroom Accessories

There’s no doubt that you're going to have a lot of accessories in the bathroom. Small objects for everyday use need to be stored in the place where they can be easily accessed. Do not try to keep all your towels in the bathroom, keep only the ones you use. Try to hide small objects as much as possible and use the shelves that you have. Do not be afraid to experiment ‒ choose shelves of different shapes and colours. If it is possible, it’s better to have hanging shelves which will make the bathroom look neat and tidy.

If you have a log house - the installation of a bathroom can be very original. You do not have to be afraid of the damage that could be done to wood from moisture, because there are many care measures, that will let you keep the wood more durable.

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