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8 Myths About Log House Floor Heating

Though floor heating is becoming more and more popular in a log house, but there are still some myths which present floor heating as an expensive way of heating and even harmful to people and their pets' health.

Here are 8 myths about floor heating:

   1  Floor Heating is Expensive

In fact, floor heating is the cheapest heating system out of all the heating systems that are currently available. If the floor heating system is installed correctly in a log house and is regulated by thermostats, the room temperature can be reduced by 1-5 degrees, hence reducing heating costs. However, it is very important that the floor heating system is made in a professional manner, otherwise you won't save much.

   2  Harmful to People’s Health

There is no evidence that floor heating systems have any negative effects on people’s health or their well-being. On the contrary, medical specialists highly recommend the use of such kind of heating in nurseries, schools and medical centres.

   3  Floor Heating Gives You 'Swollen' Feet

This is a possible only if you warm the floor up to 29°C and walk on it with bare feet as on hot beach of sand. However, if you stick to an optimal temperature up to 24°C, you can forget about having freezing feet and enjoy your warm floor while being in a log house.

   4  If You're Allergic Then Floor Heating Is Not for You

Research on dust mites and mould carried out by German scientists has proved that if the floor is heated, the conditions for parasites to breed are drastically reduced compared to a room which is heated by electric radiators. Allergic people and people who have asthma feel much better in a room of a log cabin home with floor heating.

   5  Dust Rising in the Air Is A Consequence of Floor Heating

Research has shown that a low air circulation in the room does not contribute to the displacing of dust in the air. When the floor temperature is at the recommended temperature of 22-26°C there will be a 2-6°C difference between the air temperature and floor temperature which is too low for dust to rise.

   6  Heating Under A Wooden Floor Is Impossible

There is often the mistaken belief that it is not appropriate or even possible to install heating underneath all floor coverings as some of them do not transmit warmth. In fact, floor heating can be installed under a wide range of floor covering, including a wooden floor (that is common in a log house). However, when it comes to a wooden floor you must first check with the manufacture instructions to see if that kind of wooden floor is capable of being laid on top of a floor heating system. The wood should be quite dry to avoid the wood contracting and expanding to too much of an extent due to temperature fluctuation.

   7  Only Bathrooms and Kitchens Are Suitable for Floor Heating

Foor heating can be installed in different rooms of a log house, from the corridor to the children’s room or a bedroom. A floor heating system can be installed in all kinds of premises (i.e. log cabins or garden offices), no matter whether it is an old, new or a renovated property.

   8  Floor Heating Kills Plants and Pets

Floor heating does not negatively affect a pets' health. When it comes to plants, plants which do not like warmth should be raised higher to protect them from drying out.

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