Tips for owners of wooden garages and carports

Wooden garages like other wooden buildings require some special knowledge and maintenance every owner should know. Here you will get acknowledged with all the different features and benefits of wooden garages, how you can take care of them and how to avoid damage from pests and environment, how to keep them beautiful, durable and long lasting. If you are a new owner of wooden garage and have no idea where to start, you'll be able to find many useful tips of maintenance, interior and exterior ideas and other needed information.

  • A Shelter from the Rain and Snow - Wooden Carport

    A wooden carport is one of the features of your property that has both functional and aesthetic value, particularly in sheltering your vehicle or stored equipment from rain and snow. There are different types of timber carports that are available today, all with their own designs and looks. Carports made from wood or timber materials also have their function and benefits to offer, depending on your needs and preferences. If you’re planning to have a wooden carport as part of your home or property, make sure you know the essentials of this structure in order to maximize its full potential. Different Types of Wooden Carport Popular designs for wooden or timber carports have their distinct features that meet different shelter requirements. Here are some of the options available to you: Sta... (More)
  • The Ultimate Benefits of Double Wooden Garages That You’re Sure to Be Happy About

    There’s a functional side and an aesthetic side to double wooden garage structures. It’s an upgrade from the usual and conventional garage that you’ve been used to all these years. As the name implies, this type of garage features a dual door with a wide and generously spacious interior, meaning the garage accommodates multiple vehicles at the same time. The right construction and materials, such as double doors, offer an aesthetically appealing finish. Moreover, it guarantees lower electricity consumption and more market value to your home. Benefits of Double Garage Doors One of the top and obvious reasons that homeowners upgrade their wooden garage to a dual-door system is due to the need for a much bigger and more spacious carport. However, there are other perks that having this ... (More)
  • Storing Your Classic Car in a Wooden Garage Over Winter

    Every classic car owner scrupulously maintains their beloved classic car and does everything to have their dream vehicle in as mint condition as possible. So as a rule, classic car owners not only maintain the technical and visual elements of the car, they also strive to eliminate all factors that might have a harmful effect to on their cherished vehicle. Most car owners know that it is harmful for any vehicle not to be driven for a long time, because it results in electricity related and other mechanical issues (rust etc.). Therefore, in this article we have gathered together some of the best advice on how a classic car should be stored during winter, in order for it to be in as good a condition as it was before the winter started. Storage Location It is very important to keep your car in... (More)
  • Different Uses of Wooden Carports

    One of the best elements of modern homes these days is a timber carport, whether they are attached to your house as an integral part of it, or as a free-standing structure. There are numerous designs for wooden carports, depending on your budget and personal taste. Different designs of carports with wooden features also have their distinct uses and advantages. It is always best to know the basics of timber-made carports before you make a financial investment. What are the uses of timber carports? A wooden carport serves numerous functions, making it a feature in numerous homes today. The outdoor wooden structure generally consists of a roof with open sides. However, there are other designs that are more complex than the usual plain and simple. A lot of timber carports are now designed for... (More)
  • Wooden Garage 6m X 6m

    When it comes to building a cost and space efficient garage, a wooden garage is an ideal choice. The properties of wood give the garage a long life and also protects the vehicles parked in it from harsh weather. Wooden Garage 6m X 6m is a high-quality garage with exquisite looks. It has sufficient space for parking your car, motorbikes, kids’ bicycles and additional area to store your tools. If you install this garage in your garden, you can also safely keep your garden equipment and easily access them. The garage also features a small door towards the side from where you can pick and store the tools without having to open the front door. The garage is quite spacious, and you can also have a small storeroom in one of the corners. It will let you keep things for which there is insufficie... (More)
  • Double wooden carport with a shed - everything you need

    Wooden carports look elegant and also make efficient use of the available space. One of the best options for you to explore is the Carport Double + Shed. Being an ideal choice if you have sufficient space in your garden, this carport has sufficient area for two cars and a closed shed which can be used for storing your tools, equipment or machinery. It can also be used as a warehouse making your carport a multipurpose solution. This two-in-one structure, combining a classical wooden carport with an additional shed allows you to optimally use the area in your garden. Installing this double carport means you can park two cars in a single carport without the need for an additional one for your second car. An excellent feature of this double carport is the ability to park the cars either from ... (More)
  • Aluminium Carport Colombe

    When it comes to describing our products, wood is the material that is associated with us. It is our expertise in manufacturing wooden products that has helped us become a premium maker of wooden cabins, log homes, carports and garden cabins. Therefore, watching us selling an aluminium product could be a shocker to many. Although we specialise in wooden products, the beauty and elegance of the Colombe Aluminium Carport were too powerful to be avoided. It has therefore encouraged us strongly to manufacture, sell and promote it as one of our most important products. The design, exquisiteness and grace of this aluminium carport is truly unmatched. The stylish aluminium carport The aluminium carport has an excellent design which is unique and splendid. It looks graceful and has a fantastic de... (More)
  • Wooden Garage perfect for a Workshop

    Constructing a house, workshop or garage requires the input of money and several other resources. The requirement for these resources is substantial and therefore, it is critical that the final result serves the intended purpose to justify the money and time invested. But, what if you could build a multipurpose structure that offers you sufficient space to serve several different purposes and also be affordable? The Wooden Workshop Garage is the finest example of how a single cost-efficient building can act as both, a garage and a workshop simultaneously. Efficient utilisation of space This wooden garage provides ample space for parking your vehicles and also using it as a storage space or workshop. It is possible to park your cars or other vehicles in the front part of the garage and hav... (More)
  • The wooden garage you need to keep your car in top condition

    Maximum protection for your car Placed inside the wood garage, your car is fully protected against accidental damage to its exterior. It is also kept concealed and no longer an easy target for car thieves. This additional protection will help you get the cost of your insurance down and save you a lot of money. If it rains you do not need to worry about the water damage. Likewise, if it snows or if there is a storm, the garage serves as a shield for your car. If you are home during the day, you also benefit from sun protection. The sun is one of the leading causes of car body damage. If you are travelling or not using your car for a period of time, having it inside a garage will help keep the paint job intact. The wooden garage is a car owner's best friend and the secret to keeping your c... (More)
  • The double carport log cabin protects your cars for less

    Large enough for two cars and more The timber carport log cabin is a wide structure under which you can park your cars when they are not in use. This double garage is built to fit up to two cars side by side. It is large and tall enough for small trucks. With two vehicles parked in, you will have no issues opening doors and boots. You can park motor bikes or other small vehicles as well. Your tools and supplies can also be safely stored alongside your cars. More than a log cabin One of the major benefits of the double carport log cabin is that it provides a shelter for your cars. Unlike traditional garages with doors and walls it also lets you access your car very easily. There are no doors to open or close as you enter or exit the garage. Therefore you save time when it comes to parking... (More)

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